Probably many of you have read about the planetary conjunctions that will occur in the coming days. Because of the movement of planets, stars and celestial bodies, certain positions and quadrature repeatedly give rise to energetic movements of high power which move waves of energy throughout the solar system and of course, they are felt and noticed on our planet by each and every one of us, consciously or unconsciously.

Although we’ve already started to notice, we will enter into an area of energy “turbulences” from which we will probably leave around September or there. This is because the movement of the solar system, throughout its galactic journey, makes us encounter areas with all kinds of energy composition where, in some points and regions, there is more movement than in others. The pulsations of the center of the galaxy, and especially in the area of Orion’s arm where we are now, are very intense, otherwise we could not be talking about the energy changes that the planet and humans are undergoing of the changes in vibration resonance and this change in evolutionary level, density, which we have been talking about for some time. In addition, when certain planetary conjunctions occur, the position of the planets determines the magnification or reduction of the influence and waves that reach our magnetosphere, hence we may have times of greater shock or quieter, depending on the beating we’re getting from the outside and what’s leaking or not from the position of each body in the solar system.

Now we enter a time during these energy jolts will intensify for a few months, the first one will be in April, there is a conjunction that will act, in some way, as a magnifying glass acts in front of the sunlight magnifying the energies received from the outside of the solar system into its interior, so that the amount of waves of energy that reach and penetrate the heliosphere will be quite amplified in the coming weeks giving us a magnificent opportunity to work on our own personal growth. These effects will be noticed with more strength and heaviness in the denser or more negative timelines and with lightness and more “etheric” form in the higher and more positive lines.

The door is open, the possibilities of change are here for everyone

What happens when it impacts so much energy on the planet? The first non-physical layers are affected. The first news is that the energy mesh “control”, the one I have already told you about in other occasions, is going to suffer a quite significant damage in the sense that it is a layer that, by the bombardment of what it will come to us in the coming months, it will be very weakened. This will have several consequences as there will be less energy “restriction,” it will allow more people to expand, consciously or unconsciously their consciousness. This produces small “awakenings” in people which means there will be more people making more eloquent questions about their lives, about who they are, about their soul, their relationship with the universe and things like that. It is simply the effect of an energetic opening due to the elimination and decrease of the walls of our consciousness. When you break the energy barriers that keep the planet “caged,” even if it’s a little bit, it’s impossible for humans not to expand because it’s natural in them in their own consciousness to higher levels. Some begin to awaken now, in the coming months some others will do simply wondering what is beyond life or about the physical being they are, about their relationship with the cosmos and Creation, about this paradigm where we live in, what is in the news, etc..


Obviously, the higher the level of consciousness, the lesser the effects that this “negative” mesh has on people, so many human beings who are no longer influenced by it, eradicate those effects of their energy system, psychic and mental because they have already pierced these first veils.

Impact on the collective unconscious

The second radical change is going to occur in the collective unconscious of the human being because we form a great layer that at the level of the mental plane, surround the planet and, therefore, we are not exempt from their interaction. When the negative mesh is broken, more high-vibrational energy is released and many people individually can begin to expand their consciousness, as well as at the level of the different archetypal minds that make up the human collective mind system. The entire collective unconscious, like an energetic macro pool that surrounds the Earth, and to which we are all connected, will also be flooded with powerful vibrations. Remember that our collective unconscious is, so to speak, “under” the “control” grid, frequently speaking.

To understand it, we can imagine that we all are like a crystal, and all these energies are like a hammer that comes to beat and break us (energetically speaking) or, we can imagine that we are a red-hot iron and come to mold us to give us a more beautiful form, harmonic and with a spectacular result, the transformation of shapeless iron into a shiny, pure and elegant leaf.

Those belief systems and archetypal groups that are more rigid, such as the religious, because they are less flexible, will be like glass in front of the hammer, they will break a little while other parts of the same collective unconscious that are more open to change will be shaped and transformed like iron, into something better, more worked and purer. It is also true that where there is more population, it impacts in a different way and with more force than where there is less population, for the field of consciousness created in a city is not the same as that created in a more isolated small village.

This does not mean that people on an individual level change radically from one day to the next. What happens on the higher, energetic planes has its repercussion on the physical level very slowly and it all depends on the connection that each one has with their portion of the group mind that we share. Remember how I explained to you in the video about the mental plane and archetypal minds and that we are all influenced by the collective mind of the region, the country, the race or the belief under which we live each with its own morphogenetic field superimposed one on the other? As our mental body is molded, transmuted or destroyed, it will also have changes that follow the changes of those archetypal minds that define us and will lead, over time, the consciousness to expand faster.

Thus, those who take advantage of this energetic “hammer” for their personal growth, will have during the next few months an opportunity for transformation at a faster pace than those who resist it and live it as the crystal lives the blow of the hammer, since the latter will see themselves revolted by the collapse of structures of which they are not completely aware, but which keep them stagnant and without the possibility of expansion.

Working towards change in oneself

Now, here comes the concept I want to try to convey in this article. These energies are tremendously beneficial, but it all depends from the angle from which you look as you have already seen with the example above.

I was read in the network about the energy shock that we are going to receive and the problems it can bring about the disruptions, chaos and confusion that can cause us, however it is quite the opposite, at least if we want to see it but not from the concern side but from the side of the opportunity. To do this last, you have to consciously work with this energy, with the waves that are already coming where you do not need to wait any particular date for it at all.

The energy is alive, talk to her

Every energy in the universe has a conscience. It’s tremendously important to recognize this. There is not a single atom in Creation that doesn’t have the mark of the creator and the awareness of it. The large energy streams we are stumbling across as we travel through the galaxy are alive, and their amplification by the position of the planets in the solar system relative to Earth right now gives us a great opportunity to connect with them.

The way to do this is as simple as it is effective, we want to ask that the way these energies impact us be done in a personalized and helpful way for our individual path, and then ask that our personal path can serve to help others on theirs. We can ask that the intensity in our being of the personal impact that we are going to receive be regulated, depending on the amount of catalyst that each one of us desires, since we have more power than we think and all this is perfectly viable and simple to do. There is no need to wait for any special date for this, for this energy is already coming in from all sides and is conscious, and is happy to be recognized as such and to be desired, rather than being received with fear and concern for the effect it may cause. Every step we take in our growth by consciously working with these forces is a joy for them for our inner being and for all of creation because we recognize that we are connected and that everything always helps everything.

Go into meditation and make a request to the energies that come in at this time through the conjunctions and squares that cause the alignments of planets in a generic way is enough. Do not let the mental processes and what we have implemented in our psyche makes you perceive these changes and triggers as negative, because we must not stop them, protect ourselves from them or fight against these changes, but we must work for and for change in oneself.

Earth also follows its own process

For the Earth the process is identical although on a different scale. The process of purification that lives from internal cleansing, is the equivalent of the changes that we suffer in our organism, the human body, when we grow and evolve so that constantly our cells, organs and tissues regenerate, change and modify. It is the same with the body of the planet, it uses these same energies for its changes and growth.

May the Earth take advantage of these forces that come to it to cleanse itself and transmute that which it must transmute, and may the seas, and the volcanoes be benevolent to the flames that dwell on their surface.

May the Earth take advantage of these forces that come to it to cleanse itself, and transmute that which it must transmute, and that the seas, and the volcanoes, be benevolent with the flames that dwell on its surface.