In the Akashic Healing course we have a small list in which we have recorded a lot of external influences that we use to quickly find out the possible causes of uneasiness that a person may have without apparent reason. The need to investigate quickly, because one day you wake up extremely moody, you feel bad or your mood is very low without that that there has happened anything special to justify it, arose when I started (and many other people with me) to detect that the changes in the environment, in the energies that surround us, were really influencing in a much more remarkable way than in recent times, our behavior, state of mind and energetic well-being.

Swimming in a wave pool

Now nobody is surprised that a solar storm can wreak havoc on the magnetosphere and thereby affecting thousands of people who are particularly sensitive to the energy changes of the planet, or simply because the planet interacts with some type of cosmic ray, galactic explosion, whatever celestial body tens of light years, or movement between planets can result in alterations in the behavior of human beings. Not in vain, there are a good handful of astrologers who publish regular analyses about when certain energies of certain alignments of planets (whether right or wrong) will generate alteration or behavior in the mass or psyche of the collective unconscious of Humanity.

The point is that every time we become more sensitive to these energies, because every time the kind of waves that come to us are stronger. One thing repercussions on the other, and there is no escaping it. Nor is it a problem per se, at least for many people, everything depends on how your personal interactions with any of these external energies are.

What you have is powered

As I said in the previous article onthe resonance frequency, the interaction with a certain type of frequencies can make you substantially improve your energy health, because, coming into contact with higher “level” of vibrations, you can let go “goops” and blockages stuck in you. But it can also go a lot to worse, at least temporarily, because all interaction with any kind of external energy, the only thing that does is amplify and magnify that witch it finds.

That is, although it is true that when we make a healing and transmute an emotional blockage we feel again temporarily that repressed emotion (in most cases) for the simple fact that we have detached and is dissipating, when suddenly we interact with a wave of energy of greater power, this can increase to its maximum potential the best or the worst of us. And we’re seeing that on the planet right now.

For all those whose main energetic components are tremendously anchored in the extreme negative side of the emotional spectrum are seeing these “qualities” enhanced. Speaking of psychopaths for example, those whose functions are naturally quite “negative” (that is, not that they are blockages that can be healed, but that the “raw” matter of which they are made of, is by nature tremendously “lacking empathy “) are being enhanced exponentially with the contact with all those energies that move in all levels and layers of the planet (from the purely physical, cosmic or atmospheric, to the purely psychological, are changes in the collective unconscious).

The same thing happens on the other side of the spectrum. Tremendously cheerful people, positive in all respects or optimistic, these qualities are enhanced by interacting with new energies that increase these patterns present in them, although here perhaps the society in general pays less attention to these individuals, because we are more concerned with what “annoys” us or upsets us, than what makes us “good”.

More than an advice, a necessity

Even so, the concept is very simple, the new energies in which we are moving enhance what is in the individual. Where there is “darkness” and “evil”, more “darkness” and “evil” will emerge in behaviors and attitudes (who says darkness, says fear, concern, anger, jealousy, envy, pessimism, sadness, etc., and pluck the idea). Where there is “light” (the whole spectrum contrary to what I just said) more “light” will come out.

So, when I insist that getting rid of fears, negative thought forms, limiting beliefs, etc., is tremendously important, it is not because it is a cool and fashionable advice, but because what we carry on is what is reinforced when all kinds of external energies influences meet us. In these times, which day after day we also see a solar storm of never recorded magnitude, that cross energetic fields of outer space never crossed, and that galactic waves turn the entire planet upside down, we must get rid of it as soon as possible. which is a burden, and try to enhance what we really are: light and a developing consciousness with impressive potential, which at the moment, has many numbers to increase exponentially if we are ready for it.