Obviating the negative part of the higher evolutionary levels


Diving in my books and notes distributed by a lot of folders on my PC I found an old article from Míchael Topper, published in some bulletins that he called Flying saucer Vs ThunderBird a few years ago, in which he talked about the Why so many sources and messages seem to only “speak” of the benefits of the higher evolutionary planes, obviating the “negative” part. I translate it because it seemed very relevant and according to my own way of thinking.

“What we have not been told”

Why, even, the “positive” sources in the general category of channeled entities sometimes tells us that nothing negative can go into the higher planes of evolution or consciousness?

First of all, the general character of the Channeler should be taken into account, in conjunction with his/her preconceived ideas and personal limitations. Entities that act as a source are usually able to transcend those limitations, if they are sufficiently “strong” and aligned with a greater truth, but they may also be restricted to the limits imposed by the tool they use to communicate (the Channel). In different cases, we find examples of benign entities, self-limiting or adapting their methodology and transmission to find the most optimal, practical and productive way of raising 3D awareness through their messages. There is not even an absolute agreement between fourth-density entities as to how to do this work. In these examples (the author quotes Ken Carey, unknown to me) – it is preferable to ignore and focus only on the positive aspects of the next evolutionary level to which we go and obviate the “negative”.

This has led to a certain belief in the circles “New Age” that is occasionally reinforced by all kinds of entities and 4D beings willing to take the perspective of “no evil”, in which the idea is projected that “if there is no information about negativity, that negativity does not exist. ” When you touch this topic from the spiritual point of view, many, including positive 4D entities, assume a special attitude, that from our physical 3D perspective, we cannot perceive this negativity, and that, the physical point of view and the viewpoint ” Astral “, have different connotations, ie that when we move to that next level, and we find that” reality “, we will have forgotten what we had been told when we were in the lower evolutionary level (our current 3D).

It is for this reason that education at the 3D level of the existence of the negative part of the higher planes is considered extremely important for the global understanding of the multidimensional reality in which we exist. This approach to “Everything is Love” from the higher levels contributes only to create a poor service to the real development of our consciousness, which ends not only by creating more limits to the expansion of it, but by closing the door to a more accurate understanding of the Nature of Creation.

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