On what timeline did you get up on today?

For those of you who have seen the videos of the conference Anchoring the 4D, surely remember the part where I was talking about the timelines and the importance of vibrating very high to get hooked on the ideal and main line which takes us headlong to that change evolutionary and frequency in a few years.

A few days ago, in another regression session, we asked again about the state of the generic timelines and macro at the planet level to check their evolution. The conversation went out a little bit rough, as it came from asking questions about my experiences with parallel realities that I have told you in recent articles, and from there it went to my current personal state of vibration, as also at home we had been talking about the changes in the timelines as we did not know what had happened or what it was.

In fact, this guide told us that the who had changed was me because after last year’s intense work with the lectures and so on, I had been vibrating at a very low frequency of pure tiredness-depression post-project ended-mental exhaustion, and that I had completely unhooked from the ideal timeline becoming now in the third of the five perceived lines.

Current timelines

Right now (they explained to us), there are still two main and strong lines and a band in the middle divided into three minor lines. The 1, the ideal, follows its course path to the 4D without any obstacle and in a few years, those hooked will be able to pass in life. The 2, the 3 and the 4 go slower although less positive than the 1, because the 5 that is the negative one and that has taken a lot of strength because of that many people is connected to it and it is a line where the density step does not occur for those connected with her.

All the work of gathering information for the conference was done from the connection with the ideal timeline which, as I explained, looks like this in terms of the steps of the process of evolutionary change:

Obviously, it is line 1 the one we all have to hook up to by raising our vibration frequency.

However, where I am now, this guide said, my change of evolutionary level is seen in decades and not in life since with the current level of vibration, I am far from the frequency level necessary to connect to the ideal line; and looking at the probable events of my current line, the third of the macro lines that exist for all humanity, I must leave the physical body behind in order to make the transition as I also explained in the conference as another form of passage.

Evidently I notice that I am with a low vibration and I understand the reason, which, although it serves as an excuse, does not take away one iota from the reality of the situation: that the process of connection to a timeline and to one reality or another is automatic, mechanical and fast without any other factor than the frequency you have, which, like a magnet, hooks itself to the line that matches it.

What line did you get up on today?

I think there’s no better question to ask yourself every morning. How do you feel today? Do you feel full and energized? Do you feel your vibration, your mood, your vision of the world at a level that makes you see life in an optimistic way? Are you happy? Do you feel like singing? The vibration of line 1 is going through those paths, and I can vouch for it because I’ve been there for many months. If the answer is only partially, you’re on line 2 or 3, if the answer is completely negative and you’re annoyed that I’m asking, you’re on line 4 or 5.

Well, what do we do to be able to say YES to all the questions? Let’s review everything I said during the conference again:

  1. Food, sport, take care of the body. What can you do to improve this area? Take a walk, walk a little bit more each day, bike, eat a little better, drink pure water (put a quartz in the water to raise its vibration), etc.
  2. Passions, things that make you feel full: painting, drawing, doing crafts. Do you like some activities that you have put a little bit aside? Do you sing, dance or like to take pictures? What can you do today to have a little more time to enjoy those hobbies and passions? What gives you vitality, joy, good mood and energy? Then do it more often.
  3. Are you constantly worried about how the world is doing, how society is doing, how things are going, worried about whether the elites will do this or that, whether the economy will fall or not, whether disasters are natural or caused? Are you constantly hooked on the reality that our elites and others want us to have? Stop it! None of that will affect you if you’re not on the timeline where it happens, and none of that happens on the ideal timeline, 1, for those who are hooked on it.
  4. Are you still not testing the potential of meditation to grow, to relax, to connect with your inner self? How about downloading one of the thousands of guided meditations from the internet and trying one 10 minutes a day?
  5. Stop measuring life and reality by the media. Nothing keeps your vibration lower than the news that everything in the world is a mess.

Take your schedule for the month and start to put micro changes that bring up that vibration, that joy and that vitality and all the changes will start to come on their own. It’s as easy to go up as it comes down to vibration, the hard part is always staying up, hence it takes constant and conscious work to do so.

The importance of sunlight

A parallel theme. We haven’t seen much sunlight here in Barcelona for days. We’ve been wearing the grey sky for a few weeks and that’s noticeable in the mood, which just makes you want to stay home. It is very important that we go out to recharge batteries in sunlight whenever possible, because this light brings precisely packets of information that are those that are integrated into our DNA and cause the evolutionary changes that we want to see. We are aware that our elites do their best to block this light, we are aware of the manipulations of the atmosphere, what we see and what we do not see in low layers and in high layers to prevent the energy of solar flares from reaching us, and for good, for they bring an impressive evolutionary potential encoded in the tiny particles of light that our star emits by the trillions. Go out into the sun whenever you can and consciously visualize how its rays bring within you the evolutionary information that comes from the Sun, as it depends on that what is asleep in your DNA can wake up and make you move forward much faster.

To be used as a catalyst

The last regression session has served as a reminder to me that a state of conscious awareness must be implemented, something that keeps us always vibrating very high, and the purpose of this information is to serve as a catalyst. We must be constantly in a very high vibration if we really want to see a change in life in the coming years, otherwise, and speaking for me, I will get old in a timeline where things continue as they are and from here I will leave behind the physical body, which is what happens in my current timeline, if I do not change anything, which I am not willing to happen.

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