Have you ever wondered why when you’re in a hurry all the traffic lights are red? Why when you want peace at all costs there are people throwing firecrackers in the street? Or why doesn’t your boss stop giving you tasks when you don’t want to do anything? Yes, there is an explanation for that, and it is not that life be that funny and society conspires against you, but there is a universal law that is part of the different components that we might say are included in the secret of “how to manifest our reality through our thoughts.”

The law of Three, everything works by triads

Basically, every thought emitted contains an energetic charge. This energetic charge, maintained long enough, becomes the carrier of a desire or intention, of a conscious information, that the “universe” (in order not to go into much detail we will use this term, although here there are a sort of hierarchies, beings, and processes which are part of the framework of manifestation of reality) is in charge of manifesting in our life. But the manifestation of something concrete is based on the presence of something more abstract at higher levels. For example:

● If we want to earn more money, a new house, another car, etc, we will be working with the universal concept of Abundance.

● If we want a couple to be with, affection, sex, etc, we will be working with the concept of Love.

Everything we can think of in our world is associated with a broader concept on a universal level. Everything we can desire “already exists”, in some way, at mental level, if it were not so, it would be impossible to create it. So, our job is to model a part of that universal concept so that it takes the manifestation that we desire in our reality (abundance turned into a car, more money in the bank, another house …).

For this, each of the thoughts sent by our mind and mental body is actually composed of three concepts:

  1. The active force (the desire we want to manifest).
  2. The passive force (the opposing desire, the counterpart, the opposing force).
  3. The neutral force (the real manifestation, what the universe brings us).

We have total control over the first force (if we control our thoughts), we can learn to control the second, and we have no control over the third, which is the result of the first plus the second.

Creation process

Just as there can be no white without black, heat without cold, up without below, when we want to manifest something in our reality this cannot exist without its opposite, because, due to the structure and characteristics of it, our reality is dual. Although this explanation is really simple, most of us really see life as a game of dual forces from our point of view and therefore, this way we decode reality creation processes. Starting from the universal concept on which we want to work (for example abundance) the universe (or whatever you want to call it) acts as follows:

● What you send: I want to work on my own, have my own company and have no boss so I don’t have to explain nobody.

● What the universe (its hierarchies, octaves and processes) receives: request to generate situations involving freedom (the universal concept that includes our request) + request to generate situations involving dependence (the opposite of freedom). To understand this, it is necessary to check the concept of Newton’s third law, applied to the subject in question, where we can see that there is no force or process set in motion that does not generate a contrary force that opposes it.

● The result: opportunities to start your business appear in your life, people who give you some advice, courses to take, but your boss in your current job does not stop harassing you with more and more things to do, invites you to go to meetings, and makes you work more and more on projects that involve doing things with other colleagues.

Do you understand? The third force has generated your request + the contrary request. The more hurry you are in, more red lights you will find.

Dealing with passive force

The more energy we put into what we want, the more energy we put into the opposing process. The concept is basic. The “universe” cannot distinguish/provide something without providing its opposite. It works as an EVERYTHING. Like one only thing. We could never taste freedom and joy if we didn’t know dependency and sadness, but it is really an automatic process result of an “cosmic law”, because as we have said, everything you put in motion creates a force contrary to it by default which must then let to be exhausted to move on.

Now, how do we make passive, opposing force works in our favor? That will be for another post. You only have to understand right how this passive and opposing force acts. Analyze what you want to create and look for where the opposite manifestation of your desire is, look for that which prevents you from achieving it. Understand that it is an automatic and universal process, that ALWAYS works, integrate it in your way of seeing the world and then we can continue with the way to turn it into our favor.