Organic Life as energy transmutator


One of the reasons why “there is” organic life on our planet, being the bodies that we “inhabit” part of it, is because it is necessary as an energy transmutator for the growth of the planet. This organic life, flora, fauna and human beings, would continue to exist even if there were no Higher Self or conscious entity that would embody in them, because without them, without these “transmutators”, the Earth (or Kumar, Gaia, as the soul of it) could not advance in his path.

Process of evolution by octaves

If someone has read the books of Peter D. Ouspensky or the law of Ra, for example, it will sound to you the concept of evolution by octaves of which I have already spoken in this blog on several occasions (seefiles). In fact, in Akashic healing courses there is always a small introduction to the “cosmic” hierarchy to understand the different evolutionary levels of creation, from the “absolute” or “everything” to our planet.

Ouspensky, based on the teachings received from George Gurdjieff, another of the key characters of the last century related to mystical and esoteric teachings, towards the analogy of the levels of creation according to the same model that follow the musical notes.

From DO to DO

In its explanation, the DO represents the WHOLE, the energy of the absolute, which experiences itself dividing or projecting itself in macro entities or portions that we call “logos”, and that would give place to the different universes. In this scheme, you assign the note “SI” to these logos.

Within these logos, sub-divisions in lower order entities, galaxies, would represent the energy or awareness of the note LA, the suns and stars would be the entities or consciences of the note Sol, the whole solar system would be the note FA, and our Planet, the Earth, would be the note MI, being the moon or satellites the evolutionary level corresponding to the note RE and back to the DO, the starting point of this evolutionary scale in which we are, and the highest point of a possible lower evolutionary scale (if any).

Frequency Jump

However, at the level of musical notes, there are two particularly large “jumps” that require a “point of support” (at a “cosmic” level) to be able to move from one note to the other (from one evolutionary level to the lower one). In this case, the first “jump” occurs between the DO and the SI, being the energy of the WHOLE the one in charge of covering that “frequency jump”. But in the next important jump, between FA and MI, there is no category of entities that transmute and give continuity to the evolutionary system between those notes (or levels of existence), so, organic life, has “born” to be in charge of it.

Energy Transmutators

So that our planet can absorb, work, evolve, grow and advance in its path, it is necessary to use the cosmic energies, of the galaxy, of the sun, which reaches him. Although on a physical level there is little to discuss the influence of planets and the sun on the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, spiritually these “conscious” energies or growth can not be transmuted but through an intermediate step, the organic life on the planet.

That’s why organic physical bodies are on living planets like ours, in the state in which they are, whether or not they have a “soul” inside that animates them, because, without them, the consciousness of the planet cannot advance by its evolutionary path towards a “greater” note (a path that is totally independent, though related, with the evolutionary path of a Higher Self using that suit or organic physical vehicle for its own evolution). In this, and in any other planetary system governed by these same spiritual laws, there must be organic life of one type or another so that this planetary system may be able to evolve from the influence of the higher order entities from which it depends on a the spiritual level.

A perfect symbiosis

The planet, without organic life, cannot survive, and organic life, including us, are extremely important for the advancement of the Earth. We receive, anchor and transmute all the energies that come from the outside, and we are the only way that exists on Earth for this to happen. We are no longer only talking about the fact that the souls that inhabit these bodies have a mission, it’s simply that, the physical bodies that we use are necessary as antennas, receivers and anchors.

According to the evolutionary level or process in which the planet is located, the organisms that inhabit it will correspond to the needs that the planetary spirit has at that moment, thus, organic life has to adapt constantly to the situation of the planet and from the energies that come to him because the latter requires it for his growth. It is an extremely important function.A great symbiosis While Kumar (the name that the planetary soul gives itself) allows us to use the human bodies created by it as a tool for its evolution, we give life and contribute to that evolution through our own. An indivisible and fascinating destination.

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