We know very little about the realities or the frequency levels, densities, dimensions, that exist above (symbolically speaking) of ours. Those with a little clairvoyance, perceive something of the so-called etheric plane, astral plane, etc., with the same five senses with which we perceive the physical world, but little we see and less still know of other planes “above”. Everything we usually do when we try to understand and explain them, is to create models and speculate, based on different sources of information, reflection and non-physical perception, about how we think this world works.

Energy absorption hierarchy vs. free exchange and cooperation

Starting from the base we basically have two models or polarities, what we call positive, although it would be more correct to call service to others, and what we call “negative”, which is more correct to call service to self. This last nomenclature is the one that has been used by the esoteric and mystery schools over the centuries since the dawn of humanity.

We know from our direct experience with astral and mental entities, that negative polarity lives and can live only from the absorption of energy from other entities or consciences. And we also know from direct experience with our work with guides and other entities that we call “of light” that these “live” of the free exchange of energy and cooperation between themselves (hence the service to others, or the service to oneself).

Absorption pyramid

The left side of the diagram shows more or less schematically the organization of STS entities ( Service to Self). The negative energy extracted from our planet (generated and forced in our emotions and thoughts, manifested in our chaotic reality) does not serve only as “food” to the entities that frequently talking, are closer to us, but It is only the basis of the hierarchical pyramid on which “negative” entities are organized. In other words, the “pawns” on the STS side are just “energetic gatherers” who have no choice but to transfer some of the energy to the higher levels. There is always a negative entity more powerful than the negative entity that we just expelled from the aura, and always this other entity has above another that is even more negative. The hierarchy on this side of the diagram evolves to the top of the pyramid in which on some plane quite above us, one or two extremely powerful entities are the final recipients of all the energy generated and collected at all levels, in this and in many other systems of the universe. Entities halfway in the pyramid do not realize that their own energy is being used and absorbed by their “commanders” and superiors. At a higher level on this evolutionary path, it is harder to defend oneself. It is not the same to get rid of a lower astral entity than to deal with an attack of a negative five-dimensional entity.

Cooperation and exchange

However, on the other side of the scheme we have the evolutionary path called service to others, the positive. The positive entities that choose this path live from the free exchange of energy between them, because from energy live and survive all the entities once crossed this physical level 3D in which we exist. Here is really the desire and the action to help other entities (including US) which provides the sustenance and vibration necessary to “exist”. The Source of energy is the SOURCE itself, so that it is inexhaustible, everything that exists, so there is no sense of scarcity, something that has permanently negative entities (fear inherent in their polarity that they are to end the “sustenance”).

In Search of balance

Both evolutionary models depart from the same side, the only “The Source” of all that exists, in a dual existence where one part cannot exist without the other. The universe (or the universes), are always looking for the perfect balance, to keep both paths in perfect balance, because the energy is not created or destroyed, but it transmutes. Can we transmute all negative entities to positive? We already tried it in our healings, but it is probably the case that for each entity that we “convert”, some other place it is countered (and I say “site” as extremely generic coordinate) and everything returns constantly to its attempt to recover the Stability.

Many things escapes us from all this, and not even a model is more true for us than the explanation of quantum physics theories are for ants, however, it opens our minds to understand both ways of returning to where we left, and that “ALL”, depending on the path, and the polarity in which we are, we can come to find ourselves as really “bad” entities or really “good”entities, both with their struggles between them and against the “other side”, in a constant spiral ascending until full integration again with “The Source”.