Orgone, turning negative radiation into positive


It is possible that some of you have heard about orgone or orgonite and are already enjoying its benefits. For those of you who have not, I will tell to you, in a couple of posts, about this material that can change your life and that of your environment, for good.

Discovering etheric energy

Approximately, around 1930 and 1940, Doctor Wilhelm Reich was able of sensing and measuring the existence of “etheric” energy (the energy of “space”, of the “air”, all that surrounds us) using a Geiger counter (an instrument used to measure radiation) and he called this energy “orgone”. During his experiments, Doctor Reich noticed that when alternating several layers of fiberglass (organic matter) and metal fiber (inorganic matter) an etheric measurable field of considerable dimensions was created from orgone energy, and that it had a very positive impact in the physical and psychological health of those people who came in contact with it.

Doctor Reich built a lab and studied this at one moment when it was not very common the use of “etheric energy”. In these studies, he applied the creation of orgone fields to areas affected by a high electromagnetic pollution (nuclear power stations, thermal and telephone stations, high voltage towers, refrigerators, etc.) and could test they could transform the negative energy (electromagnetic waves and radio frequency) generated in this areas (negative for human health) into positive and healthy etheric energy.

Decades after

However it was not until year 2000 that orgone started to be popular, throughout the world, thanks to the work done by a married US couple Don and Carol Croft, who become the representatives of this clean energy across the planet. After several experiments, they added quartz crystals to the original Doctor Reich formula, so that the polarized crystal created a powerful field around it, totally clean and positive. This field through polarity prevents the entry of charges with negative energy and, consequently, it becomes a genuine factory of transforming harmful energy into one highly positive.

“Gifting” across the world

Since this discovery was made public hundreds of people across the world started to create a free movement which consists on giving orgonite as gift and laying different pieces in those areas emitting harmful electromagnetic waves. Specific forms of orgonite have been created, for example, to be buried at the foot of mobile communications towers, around the nuclear power station fences, in TV antennas, near microwaves or even as pendants to keep our aura and subtle structure clean.

Create your own orgonite

It is quite easy to create a little piece of orgonite, in any type of mold, to keep at home or to give as a gift. In my next post, I will give you all the details which are required to make it.

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