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Learning to recognize negative influences or external attacks


When in the Akashic healing courses, in the blog articles, or in the discussion forum we talk about “psychic attacks” we don’t always have to keep in mind tremendous energetic movements that leave you “K.O.” physically, which also occur, and are as real as a punch in the stomach, but that is not usually the first resort to use if there are other ways to persuade the person to stop doing what he/she is doing. I speak directly of what we call entities of higher order STS, because the small entities or energetic parasites that … Read the rest

New energies as amplifiers of emotions and behaviors


In the Akashic Healing course we have a small list in which we have recorded a lot of external influences that we use to quickly find out the possible causes of uneasiness that a person may have without apparent reason. The need to investigate quickly, because one day you wake up extremely moody, you feel bad or your mood is very low without that that there has happened anything special to justify it, arose when I started (and many other people with me) to detect that the changes in the environment, in the energies that … Read the rest

The power of your resonance frequency


Even if we are not conscious, our resonance frequency or vibration level is our most precious asset in areas such as energy protection, personal development, or self-healing. What seems so “generic”, is something tremendously simple, it is about the “average frequency” that you emit, the vibrational level that you have in a global way, adding all the mental, mood states and emotional energetic patterns that we have and that we constantly emit. A person with all these components vibrating at a “high” level (talking in Hz, the unit of measurement of the frequency of any … Read the rest

Ideas of Service To Others (STO) in a Service To Self (STS) Framework


Have you ever had concerns or ideas, sudden inspirations of wanting to do things, on your own, with other people or with other groups that might have value orprovide a service to others and then realize that the obstacles, the frameworks you need, block you more than help you put them in motion and the “pure” idea does not fit in the environment in which it has to be implemented?

A STO Soul in a STS World

This is one of the main problems of having a soul which at a certain level moves … Read the rest