Lightening the mental body and making space for our thought


Some of my friends and colleagues, especially those who perceive me energetically, sometimes see me coming through the door and tell me that I have “a head like a bass drum”, loaded. Recently after one of the meditations we do regularly to work with the fourth chakra, I was told to lie on the table because I was going to Read the rest

When we give our power away


Human beings tend to stay in a comfort zone. Somewhere in our psyche, due to the education, origin, and structure that we have, it is expected that any change has to come from the outside. I do not say this as a criticism, we want positive changes by the action, work, and execution of others. I agree that this facet Read the rest

The light tunnel, the silver cord and the incarnation through the planet’s core


After the last article about the tunnel of light and what I read and heard about it with all kind of opinions, I kept of course with many loose ends and doubts in my head, comparing my personal experiences with what I have lived on regression therapy and with what is said in different literature out there. So, as I Read the rest

Go or not into the light tunnel…. The loss of energy through the control mesh


In the 1990s, a series of books entitled “Matrix” and published by Val Valerian (John Grace) described a type of technological procedure, by which, as it was said in one of those books, the “souls” of people who were dying, did not “transitioned” nowhere above the inner planes more adjacent to the physical plane, but were forced to re-enter, immediately, Read the rest