The light tunnel, the silver cord and the incarnation through the planet’s core


After the last article about the tunnel of light and what I read and heard about it with all kind of opinions, I kept of course with many loose ends and doubts in my head, comparing my personal experiences with what I have lived on regression therapy and with what is said in different literature out there. So, as I Read the rest

Go or not into the light tunnel…. The loss of energy through the control mesh


In the 1990s, a series of books entitled “Matrix” and published by Val Valerian (John Grace) described a type of technological procedure, by which, as it was said in one of those books, the “souls” of people who were dying, did not “transitioned” nowhere above the inner planes more adjacent to the physical plane, but were forced to re-enter, immediately, Read the rest

Working and illuminating the shadow


I introduce you to my shadow. It looks like this guy above, at least is the closest thing I have found on the Internet to describe it. It appeared in my meditations some time ago, when I started to work the issue of the facets of the personality, the sub-characters that make us, the characters of the ego, etc., which Read the rest

How many things are the “4D”?

As I don’t want to be tedious, many times I do not define terms that I use in the articles because I have written about them a thousand times and, at this point in the game, I thought I had explained well what I call the “fourth density”, but I see that you keep putting comments saying that the fourth Read the rest