The light of the being that we carry within


In some of the conferences, when I spoke that we should let out the light of each one, the potential that we all carry inside, some attendees told me that although we all understand what we are referring to, it does sound very poetic and very romantic, and they wanted to know if I could explain it in a more concrete way or give an example on how to carry it out.

I find perfect the previous article that I published a couple of days ago about the structure or components of the SUPRA-BEING Read the rest

From SUPRA-BEING to the Soul, the components of everything we are

I have talked many times about the different components of the multidimensional being that we are, but I did not think I had ever done a global summary of everything and show in a schematic how they are related, so today I will do it, and as I learn more from my own existential configuration, the more I am able to extrapolate to understand the general scheme of each of us.

The different components of the multidimensional SUPRA-BEING

You already know the different names we give to the different parts of THAT WHICH WE ARE, Read the rest

Everything has structure within its own level


Our current evolutionary level and what we know as “reality” is strongly determined by what we perceive through our five senses, based on them all the measurements, analyses, observations and structures that make up science and what we consider to be “real”, objective, measurable and true. Millions of people on our planet do not believe, or do not give validity to anything that is not within the parameters that we can observe and define with some instrument or experiment based on the rules we know that give us a way to understand the world in Read the rest

The vibration of the stones

It is well known the potential of minerals, crystals and stones in therapeutic use to harmonize, balance energies, to meditate with them, to make elixirs or water from gems, etc. Gemotherapy is something that you certainly become addicted to because the beauty of many minerals and gems and the connection you get with them when you work regularly with your crystals, certainly goes beyond of the simple use as a “working tool”.

Stones, minerals, gemstones and crystals are conscious entities and whose vibration at the level of “group” unconscious move across the spectrum of the Read the rest