Several months ago I wrote this post about how I “denied” the manifestation of certain things in my reality. I did the exercise for a several weeks affirming “this is not my reality” over things I did not wanted to be affected of, this exercise was surprisingly good, so that I continued working on it to find a way to improve as much as possible the physical manifestations of what happens to us.

The problem, however, is that most of the things we express come from the emotions we emit, and they have a lot or more force than the thoughts we generate. The problem here is that emotions are much more difficult to control, so without realizing it, we can constantly be generating a kind of energy, whether we want it or not, it will be attracting to us a kind of reality.

Since I can not cancel an energy that has already been emitted, I focused if I could cancel the effect of the manifestation of that energy, and trying with different statements I think the results are more or less good by using the next statements daily:

“I request that any manifestation of thought or negative emotion that has been projected be canceled, blocking its appearance in any way in my reality.”

Remember, words, emotions and thoughts have a lot of power. In my case this petition works, so if you want to try it for a few weeks, use it every day and see what happens.