For those of us who believe in reincarnation (or have proof of it) through regressions to past lives, reading akashic records, work and connection with our Higher Self, etc. are not surprised by the fact that our soul reincarnates again and again, in an evolutionary process that has as its goal an ongoing learning and evolving path of total integration with the “source” from which “we were born from”.

The Higher Self, the part of us that coordinates, helps and assists the “earthly” part of our entire self, has already been in charge of preparing for each new incarnation the new teachings, lessons and missions that we all have. Thus, in most cases, the concept of past lives is perfectly understood when we speak of a succession of lives, one after another, with a period of “rest” and “reflection” between them, to evaluate what has been achieved, and to prepare new challenges.

However, the concept of reincarnation is based on the premise that time is linear, which is correct from our perception from within the system of life on Earth, but not from the point of view of higher levels, where it all happens “simultaneously”, thus, the concept of reincarnation, from the perception of higher life becomes the concept of “simultaneous” lives.

More extensive division

When we are ready for a new incarnation, our multidimensional structure, which is divided very roughly in the part we call the Higher Self and in the part that corresponds to the soul and the subtle bodies, which incarnates in our physical body, we understand that one part “goes down” to this plane, and has the earthly existence, and then “returns” home and proceeds to the periods between restful lives, etc.

But this happens simultaneously for all our existences, which comes to tell us that we are “at the same time” in all the lives in which we have been able to be, and that all our incarnations are happening simultaneously. The simultaneous lives does not mean that there are two parts of us on this same planet at the same time, that we have a twin brother that we do not know in Australia or that we are living in two places at the same time. Simultaneous lives occur when the Higher Self incarnates in all historical epochs, of multiple lives, which, placed in a temporal line, gives us the impression that one after the other follows, but, as if from a reel with a film over film is recorded, all the frames are simultaneously at the same time and present in the film. That is, we can have a part of us here and now, another in Greece, another in Egypt and 10 in the Middle Ages, and all, from the point of view of the Higher Self, are happening at the same time.

Why is this done?

Basically because the Higher Self is able to manage multiple incarnations if desired to accelerate our growth. The sum of the experiences of each of the parts of our soul, that if we had to define their simultaneous existence, we could use the term “cloned”, they are collected by the Higher Self, which, at the end of each of the incarnations when is “completed” again, has received a quantity of information and lessons that will have made it evolve exponentially, because this is its only (and our only) purpose.

Bridges between simultaneous lives

Where the problem rests, if there is one, with this perception of the process of reincarnation? In which we have to open ourselves to the concept of the existence of energy portals that are sometimes created and kept open between these other lives, through which energies, sensations, information, lessons, etc. are transferred from one active incarnation to another, at any moment of time and space. It is as if the Higher Self has left open the connection it has with its different incarnations and you are receiving certain information, and even being you affected by situations, energies and events that are occurring in that other simultaneous life.

Do we notice those simultaneous lives?

Many people are aware, especially in lucid dreams, that they “exist” in another place at the same time. In dreams, mainly, we perceive situations in which we find ourselves involved in other circumstances that we detect that come from other incarnations, and that, by having an open portal with that other life, in some way, end up affecting us. Depending on where the portal is located (in the etheric plane, in the mental plane, etc.), the connection with that other life mainly provides us with emotions or thoughts that, for some reason, have “sneaked in” between both incarnations.