If you were an entity of a higher order, say one of the highest planes of the planet, how do you perceive those of lower evolutionary level? In our case we have it easy, we can see entities embodying flora and fauna and entities embodying minerals, rocks, etc. with the same senses with which we perceive each other, however, once given the jump out of this 3D, things change.

Points of light

The solid world as we know disappears once we pass this evolutionary level in which we find ourselves, so that from the etheric plane we only perceive energies. The denser planes of the etheric are a replica of the physical plane, but as you rise in frequency everything becomes pure “waves” of light, energy and thought forms. Above this astral plane, how does a 4D entity know where there are 3D entities to which it can anchor to absorb the energy it needs? (which is the typical thing we see in energetic healings).

They perceive us as points of light, more or less, like this down here.


These points of light represent the energy system of a person (aura mainly) seen from one dimension or several higher. In order to perceive the face and physical features of each one of those who generate that energy, an entity should reduce its frequency level to the level that would allow it to translate those energies into dense figures, which are us:


But this simply is not necessary. When they seek an energetic “sustenance,” what they perceive is basically that of the first image, so that some auras attract them more than others because of the type of energy they have and radiate, not because it is such or such a person.

Repeated hitches

This comes because I see that some people are more inclined than others to attract certain types of entities, and it is not because that person, usually, is someone special, public figure, or does an X job (which sometimes as well), but because their Energy system stands out from the rest (that is, its “point of light” is brighter or with more special characteristics or one person seems more “nutritious” than another). There is no definite rule, just as we look for the best vegetables and the tastiest fruit, and we do it with “eye”, they do the same to located us, at least, in most cases.