The evolutionary path of each one is always organized so that it progresses at the pace it can be managed and assimilated. Nobody is given more “spiritual” information than what they can understand, or no one is forced, by their Higher Self or their most spiritual “self”, to undertake evolutionary spiritual work for which they are not prepared. There is no use wanting to force the machine to go faster, because there is no official “goal” to reach, the process of growth is just that, a process, and as such it does not admit shortcuts or forced changes of rhythm, since each step is built on the immediately previous step, and without it, the next step cannot happen.

A process of several phases

Basically, I associate it to the anxiousness of knowledge or wanting to quickly assimilate everything new so we can move forward on to something else. It happens to me. There are times when there is an avalanche of information, experiences, new things that I find in my work, meditations or readings that I discover, and you want to assimilate everything suddenly, you want to write about it to publish it away so everybody knows it or want to show it to others. But you can not. You are blocked because you are only in the first phase, in the phase of “knowing” that new information. Then comes the phase of integrating it (long hours of sleep are necessary for it), then comes the phase of being able to structure it in your rational mind on paper or in diagrams, then comes the phase of being able to explain it more or less acceptably and finally comes the phase of being able to teach it to others with ease.

For that last phase to happen, all the previous ones have had to happen and not a single one of them could have been overlooked. So sometimes, when someone writes a book or publishes something, that person, at the time that his writings come to light, might have spent an impressive amount of time working with what seems so novel or he might even already passed the initial phase of another higher level and be back in the circle of learning and integration of something else and, what for those who read it may seem “new”, for the author is past water.

It is a little frustrating when you have little patience, but believe me, I have put myself in front of the blog editor to write something I had just learnt, and there has been no way to know how to convey it in words. Even though having a blog like this has an impressive advantage because what you want to say you just type it and two seconds later it is available for everyone who wants to read it, but even so, you can only be sure that you transmit well and you know what you’re talking about when you have finished the whole process.

Without haste, but without pause

Therefore, for all of you who are on your own path of growth, you have to be patient and enjoy each phase. Not everyone ends up teaching or transmitting what they discover, but just being ready to answer a question or make a coherent explanation about a topic requires that you have really integrated and structured it completely. We do not want to go too fast in our evolution, nobody is waiting for us at the end of the race. Who wants to see us really move forward the highest levels of ourselves, is our Higher Self and it is accompanying us on our way at the same pace we are going, and we are always in the perfect moment of each stage in which we should be.