Today, a close friend has told me about a message in a dream that said “we live in a personal psychological horror game”. And this message is so true; not only each one of us manifest our life according to our desires, but also manifest our life according to our fears.

A Personal and Flexible Stage

The stage where we represent our part in this play called incarnation is so flexible and pliable that fits like a glove to each and every one of us, this make us believe as if we’re in fact the main lead in every act. The power and the magic of this game is such that, for us, there’s nothing else but ourselves and the different roles we play. There are other actors, it’s true, but they are only supporting actors in our personal play, although from their point of view, we are the supporting roles in theirs.

But life is so personalized, and so committed to our evolution and development, that our priority goes to realize what we fear most, in many cases this is what we express more intensely, so we can confront our fears (at least on the negative side of things, as we also express and realize many positive ones). There are no two identical plays, and while the same stage may be used for two different actors, that stage will adapt to accommodate each actor’s needs, so they can go one step further in their path of evolution.

Releasing Ballast

Our fears appear everywhere because they’re burdens we have to let go, we have no choice but to confront them, otherwise they’ll become stronger when we try to bury them inside us, and they’ll come back and haunt us, unconsciously and without control.

You realize in your life your own personal fears and worries; your Higher Self, the rules of the game, and the evolution system we are immersed in, they all will customize circumstances to suit you, and in many cases without a escape route. For this reason, your fears will come back and haunt you everyday, but very much go unnoticed to those around you, and vice versa. You need to bring what you fear and dread to light and get rid of them, then, instead of a personal horror game, you would say you play your part in a bespoke action film, based on the adventure that is life.