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A few days ago I was in a conversation with a very interesting channeler that gave us a short “channeled” message for each of the attendees. The message that he gave me resonated to me, and it was useful, but there was something that did not quite fit. So, when I got home, I “checked” it with my Higher Self.

The point is that when someone gives you a channeled message, at least in this case, it was not my own Higher Self or my own guides giving that message through that person, but it was himself, connected with his guides and his Higher Self, “reading” to me (at some level) and giving me information.

The level of accuracy varies and must be taken into account when someone gives us a message of this kind, because if it does not come directly from that person, from other levels, it does not have 100% validity, because details or concepts may be missing or get lost during transmission. It’s something I’ve checked many times.

I receive emails from people who have messages for me (for whatever reason), that when I check the message myself, I see that it is not exactly what initially we should have been transmitted, as there has been several filters that went through the information between the source and the receiver.

Therefore, whatever they tell us that come channeled or in whatever form, we must take it with the idea that it probably has some sort of distortion. As always, the best thing to do is to “channel” yourself, so that whatever your guides or Higher Self wish to transmit, gets to you as clearly and concisely as possible (and it’s something that I also have in mind if I ever receive something for someone else).