This topic arises because of some questions that have come to me by email. Are there physical vehicles (of any type) at higher evolutionary levels that we can use to evolve?

Well I think yes although obviously they will be less dense than these (fantastic) human bodies we have now. Regardless of the frequency planes we will move after graduation from this dimension, matrix and current reality, we will probably use a new type of vehicle or suit that allows us to interact with the new reality where we will be.

Although when we die and move to the non-physical planes of the planet, we are pure energy on this set of our subtle bodies, the reality of the etheric, astral or mental plane can be so tangible, so real and “dense” like this one is for those who are in it. If this frequency reality, the closest to us, has its own “solidity”, other dimensions or higher planes will also have it, and the way of interacting with what happens in those planes will probably be through some kind of “physical body”, probably much more energetic, lighter, vibrant, and that can probably be abandoned at will or temporarily saved if necessary.

I do not believe that we purely evolve at a level of the entity of the (Higher Self) that we are, I mean, as energy or consciousness in its pure state, I have the intuition that it is necessary to get into some kind of “suit”. In fact, we talk about many extraterrestrial races that belong to a dimension of level X or Y, that have a physical body as real and solid as ours but at their own level and perception of the environment in which they exist.

I don’t believe that the body that we have now can be used as it is without evolving (it’s needed to become on a suitable suit to host a higher level consciousness). I imagine that all the entities that take the evolutionary jump into a new plane will have the adequate options to adjust their whole physical and energetic body for it. I suppose it’s something we’ll discover when the time comes.