I have previously spoken in many articles of this blog, about the evolutionary paths, the duality and the polarities existing in this game of creation we live in and the permanent confrontation, from our point of view, between what we call “positive” and “negative”.

We will deal again with this subject from a slightly more metaphysical point of view, in order to understand that these labels are only terms from our perspective of the effect we see of both polarities, but that they have a reason to be far beyond being “good” or “bad”.

The “real” creation and the creation of “illusion”

We have to think that everything that exists that we call “the Creation”, for lack of a better word, is an “Illusion” designed intrinsically and in detail to provide each of us, who are part of this “creation”, a way to know everything that exists through our own experience. This way the whole “Creation” will grow and receive feedback by the experiences that each part generates. We say it is an “illusion” because we have no other way to describe the separation of the infinite intelligence consciousness, the “ALL”, from the parts that become independent and get their self-awareness. What is “real” would be the integration in the energy of the Creation and the “illusion” would be the separation process and return to the ALL. The “real” is beyond thought, mind and understanding of our consciousness.

The expansion part and the contracting part

Within this “illusion” in the game of existence there is a bright and positive part that expands as it grows and a negative or magnetic energy part of the same illusion that contracts to evolve and learn. One part perceives the creation as a game of expansion and the other as a game of contraction and attraction.

These are for us, the concepts of duality and polarities that are kept in tension and balance sustaining one another, keeping the same illusion of the existence standing, to be used as a growth and service tool.

Throughout the different evolutionary levels and across the universe, both energies the one that expands and the other that contracts, provide the two options that can be taken by any entity to go back and reunite with the energy of ALL, the “real” part of creation.

Service to others vs. Service to oneself

We call Service to Others, associated to the positive polarity, the path that decides to see everything that exists as a unity and recognizes that to grow individually we must help others to grow and to experience. Many entities choose this path while other entities choose the one that uses the energies of separation, contraction and absorption, because, as they perfectly perceive, both trails lead back to integration into the “ALL”.

Service to Self path, gets its growth by absorbing through control and manipulation, the potential of other entities, obtaining for themselves, their power of light, energetically speaking. Meanwhile the one that serves others, proceeds in its growth sharing the power of that light with others.

Within our evolutionary level, at this level of the illusion of creation where we are now, the two paths are perceived as “good” and “bad”, as positive and negative. But it is just a distortion of the perception we have of the true nature of both paths or polarities. Obviously, the most difficult evolutionary path is Service to Self, since the constant desire to control, manipulate and obtain “light” from others is much more exhausting for the entity that makes that choice. This service to self polarity concludes or ends in the last evolutionary level before the reintegration with the unity of creation, with the energy of the ALL, with the return to what is “real”, since that density is the call of “unity”, where both polarities reconcile and dissolve again in the vast conscious energy of the ALL.

Parallel roads

The path of service to others, however, is much simpler, with fewer difficulties, since it is supposed to always perceive and work helping others and there are infinite opportunities at every moment for that. The power in each level of consciousness of each entity that follows one or the other evolutionary path is the same, but the way to understanding the learning are the opposite, from one to the other.

This separation of pathways or evolutionary paths, only begins to mark starting from the entrance when the entity or soul enters in the current evolutionary level where we are, and it is maintained once the path has been chosen, in the next density where it will appear significantly marked.

That means that to be able to go from third to fourth density, there must be in each of us a conscious choice of the evolutionary path to follow after graduation. As I mentioned before, very few of us have so far CONSCIOUSLY chosen the path of service to others, and less people have chosen the path of service to oneself. As the vast majority of humanity is not polarized, they will have to repeat the current 3D cycle until they consciously begin to generate and acquire the 3D experiences polarizing one way or the other.

That is why the third density is called the density of choice, since we can not leave it without making the choice, incorporating energetically one or the other way to our evolutionary progress.

After 4D, although we are still far away ( we are currently on the way to a higher level within our own 3D, a level that we have called the matrix 15.6 Hz for its frequency) both polarities are energetically much more confronted.

Those 4D STO (service to others) have diametrically opposite qualities in the lessons of love than those 4D STS in the same lessons, and can not “live together”, but they can “fight” against each other when the negative polarity threatens the conquest and conversion of those of STO polarity towards the STS polarity.

Polarity fight

This type of “struggle”, perceived in our world as energetic manifestations of planet non-physical planes, when they reach the physical plane in the form of uncontrolled weather, have the paradox that the “STO” side, perceiving on the “STS” side, another part of the creation, may find a way to defend itself from attempts of negative polarization without violating the free will of the STS entities that “attack” them, without losing their STO polarization.

The other side, the STS, conceives the STO polarity as one to be absorbed in order to continue its way, but their positive vibration represents like poison to them, so they must subtly manipulate the free will of the other polarity in order to convert it to its field and be able to absorb its light.

The same goes for us, those who exist in a lower evolutionary density, anyone who is polarized towards service to others presents an energy system whose energy is “toxic”, so all the attempts and attacks of negative entities are not so much to get energy from us, but to attract us to the STS field where we can then be controlled and manipulated. This article that you have here explains shortly how those attacks and manipulations work.

The most important

So basically, now the only thing that counts for the evolutionary ascent is the conscious choice of the path to follow to make that jump of reality we are going through and then simply conclude each one of the lessons our Higher Self planned for this incarnation, and when both are complete and we die in our last incarnation, then the next “life”, already awaits us, in the next evolutionary level or if all goes well, the passage “in life” to it.