Positive thinking


When people want to achieve something, it’s curious the way they act by focusing on what most often represents the opposite, that is, what they do not want. When we want to quit a job, we insist on saying that we do not like it, that we do not want it, constantly complaining and continuously thinking about how bad we feel, instead of focusing on getting a new, more rewarding one. We are not even in the active phase of sending out new curriculums. We have a totally wrong approach on the way we use the power of thought and on how we continue maintaining what we do not want in our lives due to the simple fact we persistently give it mental power.

Reinforcing what we do not want

Every time we complain out loud, every time we spend too much time thinking about what we do not like, it is like saying, hey! This is what I have got right now, give me more! Our thoughts continue attracting to us all those situations which we put energy into, so if it is already difficult to change jobs (or something else) in “normal” situations, imagine how difficult if we are thinking all day long we do not want to continue in our current job.

Every thought sent out there acts like a magnet for those situations that agree with the frequency of thought. The universe, the Creation, the reality, do not differentiate between what you want and what you do not want. If we only focus on the things we do not like, it’s as simple as realizing we only attract towards us more of the same.

Forget what you do not want

If you want something new, forget what you do not want. You’re probably annoyed or desperate for a change, but the quickest way to succeed is to not give more mental power to situations you want to get rid of. Put them on hold in your mind the best you can, turn them into a neutral situation, or at least, a bearable one without causing more mental noise. Accept things are right now the way you have created them, and make a deal with yourself to set them to automatic mode until you have created the situation that allows you to leave behind what you want to change at present.

Positive thinking

As I’ve said, the universe does not differentiate between what you do not want and what you want. It will simply bring to your reality situations that fit with those thoughts, energies, emotions, patterns, (sustained over time) that you constantly project. Realizing this can be a radical change in the way you see things. If you control the way you approach your life, you control what you will attract to it.

Turn around what you want to get rid of and turn it into what you want to achieve. There are many ways of doing this, from repetition of positive affirmations, visualization, a post-it in the refrigerator that reminds you every day what you want, or just talking positively and continually about how you want your world to be. Stop generating noise on what you do not want, and little by little it will disappear from your life. It may take time but when you get used to talk and think positively, always about what you want to have/be, attract or own, you will begin to see substantial changes in your surroundings.

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