Although I have already commented on other articles, this week I read again in a couple of sites several explanations about what we commonly call “possessions” or couplings of negative entities. Obviously when you have seen a few movies of ghosts, demons, exorcisms and other things the impression that you have, and that exists in the collective unconscious, is far from being what happens, at least as I perceive it.

Two types of “possessions”

In some circles and “spiritual” spheres, the fear of being “possessed” is over generalized. But there is usually nothing to be afraid of when you have the knowledge and you understand the reason and the mechanism of this hypothetical “possession”.

Two types of phenomena fall into this category. The first is less common, it happens occasionally and can be easily solved. The second type is extremely common, and it is also easily solved once you know it.

Negative entity coupling

The first form of “possession” is what we are all imagining. An entity or form of consciousness that tries to use another’s physical vehicle. In terms that we all understand, an entity that we call “negative” tries to use or “enter” a physical body that is being used by a soul incarnate in it. The reason for this type of “coupling” or possession is simply the desire of the “negative” entity” to use a physical body as a source of energy nutrition and the opportunity that is suddenly generated for it when the natural person is not strong enough to prevent it.

This type of possession is frequent, some entities force an already incarnated entity into a “fight” for the physical vehicle it occupies, although there are other easier ways to nourish oneself energetically (for example, an anchorage to the aura, essential implants, etc.). Besides, the dissociation of the soul or consciousness of the person that is necessary for this displacement to happen (so that the occupying soul is partially or temporarily “displaced”) has to be quite high, otherwise, it is not usually possible. We are never completely helpless, although there may be cases in which this happens if we are tremendously low on the energy level, under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other situation where we lose some control over ourselves by external effects. When our soul dissociates itself from the physical body and does not have the necessary control over it, then the protection is weaker and the opportunity of this type of possession increases, if any entity “negative” discovers the viability of it and wants to take the chance.

If this were to happen, the consciousness of the person would be enough to resolve it. It is just about the original soul, and “displaced” (not expelled) by that entity, enforce its right to recover the physical vehicle that belongs to it. Depend on each one’s beliefs, it just takes a simple energy therapy to make the person aware of the problem and take control (with full knowledge of cause) or participate in any technique like the ones that you can see in the movies that despite being exaggerated, they have the same function, that the original soul “reclaim” the body and its energy system through the potential of the Higher Self. The negative entity has no choice but leaves that physical vehicle, otherwise, it would be sucked, literally, and expelled by the protocols of energetic cleaning set up by the Higher Self at the request of the personality.

Exchange between parts of oneself, self-negative “influence”

The second type of “negative influence” is related to the multiple facets of our being, our consciousness, the different existences we have in parallel and simultaneous lives, in other planes, etc. It is another part of our being connected, exchanged or coupled to another. Here we have a wide and terrible range of possible situations.

The most common one is, for example, at night when we are asleep and we leave the body, we make contact with a simultaneous or parallel life, and when we wake up that connection between dimensions or frequency planes is still active. Therefore, things that energetically happen in other parts of us affect and influence us as if we were living them physically, although sometimes they are very subtle things that we do not even notice.

It also happens that our Higher Self connects two or more incarnations or parts of the self and that produce, at an energy level, a transfer of lessons, karma, learning, experiences, etc., so we have to deal with the effects that came originally from other simultaneous lives. Since everything is designed to acquire knowledge, this kind of exchange between different aspects of our being aims to have experiences that we are not getting or that we need at that moment. Without realizing it, we also influence other parts of our being, other lives, because this is a two-way process, so something that we can be doing or living, may need to be passed on to other lives as well, so not only do we receive things from our simultaneous lives but we also influence and block or heal them.

So definitely, the second concept “negative influence” is the most common one, and in some cases, few, the first one. Knowledge can protect us and everything has a quick solution when we know what is going on.