The way I conceive the structures of power on Earth are shown in the chart below. You’re going to find something similar in many other places, and this is really what makes more sense to me, after all I’ve ultimately read, researched, learnt, and integrated.


This is not a mystery, the only part that may be shocking to someone unfamiliar with these topics would be about the extraterrestrial influence; the rest, I believe, is public domain. The above groups overlap in certain areas, and the lines limiting where one starts and another ends may be blurry but, as a rule, the higher echelons dictate the agenda to those below.

Utterly Different Realities

The crux of the matter is the incredible disparity between what people in general perceive as “real”, and the true proportion of this reality. So incredible that, in many cases, the innate mental blocks in people are “activated” when exposed to this kind of information, turning a blind eye to it, because we feel helpless when the structure of a reality we thought we knew is threatened and falls apart all at once, revealing that nothing is “really” as we thought it was.

Basically, the human population has been left in the dark and led through wrong paths, manipulated according to certain interests and schemes, many times in contradiction. This has brought about all sorts of events with terrible consequences for the more “vulnerable” group, the masses of population. This information is so compartmentalized, manipulated, and concealed that, what you think you know is just a fraction of things known at a higher levels and echelons of world dominance. If it’s difficult to accept that a group of politicians meet to create a wars due to economic or geopolitical reasons, how is it not even harder to accept that, in fact, there are entities from other places treating us as disposable things, subjects for experimentation, pawns in a chessboard they play as they like, or even food?

Part of this process to suppress information is specifically designed to support the power structures, to negate the existence of other realms beyond those perceived by the average human being, especially concerning the interaction and submission to races from other planets, from other places, during thousands of years.

To Accept or Not to Accept a Different Reality

To accept other levels of reality is not for everyone. Besides, not everyone wants to know about it and, what’s more, our Higher Self will ensure, according to the evolutionary plans for our incarnation, to provide us with this information, either by opening the doors of perception to certain truths, or locking them up so we know nothing at all about it. But the more important thing is this, anyone who wants to be aware will be aware, and anyone who wants to keep their eyes shut has the right to do so. If the majority of the seven thousand million people have no other interest than finding pleasure in the material and physical reality where they live, how hard do you think it is for the higher echelons in the power structures to keep mankind under control?

Those who are conscious about this state of affairs are growing in numbers, and they will start making a lot of noise, to show those holding power that the masses are becoming weary of this manipulation. However, it will be very difficult to get rid of it, unless a change of paradigm takes place and a totally different situation occurs, and this is what I mean by planet “graduation” whenever it’s due, such that at the stroke of a pen, everything comes to an end.