Precognition in the field of the multiple parallel and probable realities

Continuing with our forays into probable realities and parallel existences, let’s give a twist to the concept and instead of thinking about the individual realities of a person and the bifurcations we generate throughout our lives by creating multiple collateral existences that influence each other through the exchange of information and content between units of consciousness, let’s now broaden our point of view to approach this issue from the perspective of the human race as a whole.

Multiple planetary realities

If one of us can exist in many probable realities, it is obvious that, as a race, we have also generated multiple co-realities. From this I gave you a few strokes at the conference “Anchoring 4D” where we explained the theme of the two main temporal lines that are now perceived on the planet, a very positive one by the way, whose succession of events leads us directly to an evolutionary and density change in a relatively short time, and another where this change does not take place since it does not reach the frequency level required for it, besides to the existence of some minor line even in the middle of them that runs between change and no change depending on the people who are connected and vibrating on it.

Thus we could say that the whole of the collective consciousness from our beginnings as a race, and even from our beginnings as “race consciousness”, we have been manifesting different lines and realities that coexist with each other, influencing each other but slightly separated by small barriers or vibrating membranes that maintain different “encapsulated” reality systems in a given space-time state.

Here, in the scheme below, each planet represented would simply be a dimensional reality in our planetary sphere, at the physical, etheric and mental levels and surrounded by portions of the higher planes where the versions of those parallel realities at the non-physical level from which they originated would also co-exist.

These spheres have been “creating” and separating one from each other from the moment of creation of the planet and the incorporation of conscious beings into it, so in one of those spheres, we could say, for example that dinosaurs are not extinguished and they continue living with other forms of life (an event that does not happen in other spheres- parallel temporal lines-, as we are in now), or never manipulated or genetically created us, and the current human race as such, has another appearance in another space-time matrix because the other fork option was manifested at the time that happened, (as all the potential options of a personal event are manifested on different adjacent planes).

“Intra-sphere” timelines and timelines of other parallel spheres

Let’s not forget that we are co-creators. The reality manifested in any of these “Lands” that exist parallel to each other, is no more than the reality of those tuned to a certain vibration that they generate together. Each person creates their external reality according to their inner world and, as a race, we generate our common reality according to the state of our psyche and group consciousness (whether manipulated or not).

Different areas of our collective unconscious can give place to different realities within the same space-time matrix (one of the spheres in the diagram), in different parts of it on a physical level, or they can give place to different realities manifested as different probable planes which are not perceived between each other (it means that different things happen in different parts of the planet because people in that part of the planet manifest “it” or we have different things manifest on different planes within our own sphere because on a global level we unfold all the potential possibilities of any given event or fact over and over again).

A person usually possesses parts of herself in several of those parallel realities at the planetary sphere level, which we are not aware of (we´ve been discussing all this in the previous two articles), nevertheless, the “current” Self (the one who is reading this) can give different “jumps” between temporal lines and minor realities within our own sphere which we can be aware of. When I speak to you that there are now two main lines that will mark the development of humanity and the planet in the coming years, we talk about what happens in one of those spheres and its multiple internal frequency divisions so close to each other, you can jump from one line to another with the simple fact of raising or decreasing your vibration or resonance frequency. The most difficult thing is to jump completely into a reality of one of the other spheres in the diagram, for this requires opening or passing through a portal or any kind of non-physical projection that really involves leaving your “base sphere” and entering spheres with another parallel reality for the human race that may be completely different from what we are used to seeing.

Influences of the psyche from one sphere to another

Just as one of your probable selves can influence you and vice versa, if there is connection and feedback between the units of consciousness of both realities, the psyche of the human race in one sphere can influence the psyche of the human race in another reality in another sphere. This would lead to events on a planetary level where the reality that had the most force could influence adjacent spheres positively or negatively. If this happens, within the same sphere, it is simply, as we said, parts of the collective unconscious that will manifest different realities in different parts of the planet, at a physical level, according to the content of that common unconscious in that place.

And what does all this have to do with the title of the post and precognition? I’ll be right there. Many times, when we perceive or feel “things that are going to happen,” we may be perceiving facts from any of the multiple timelines within a sphere or facts that belong and will manifest in any other parallel sphere, most of the precognitions we have are because our mind or psyche connects with non-physical planes, where those events are already underway or in the making, and then bring them down to the level of the rational mind to interpret them and give them meaning. This is what happens many times in dreams, where there is no restriction to connect with any plane, energy field, dimension or reality.

Where are we reading the information we sense from then?

As you see in the diagram, the higher worlds do not have the rigidity that the physical world has, nor does the etheric plane. The energy and the many realities which exist in the astral, mental, and buddhic planes, etc., are shared and interchangeable between many spheres on the physical level. In a meditation, projection of the consciousness or out-of-body experience, I can connect with an event taking place on the level of any plane that seems to be focused on my current sphere, where my physical body resides while that energy can simply “fall” and manifest itself in any of the spheres except mine, and mine and some others, or in all of them in different degrees and forms so that the same consciousness that created them (if it is the human race, our common psyche), experiences multiple ways of living a certain experience.

And, as it is above it is down and as it is down it is above, so, extrapolating this to the level of all the planets of the solar system, we again have time lines and realities where, for example, the cyclic passage of comets that comes from the Oort cloud touches us fully, in other realities where the influence and free will of other actors in the solar system divert them (beings from other hierarchies, the same planets, etc.), or slow them down and arrive in 300 years, or simply the cluster of comets goes through the same effect of the global consciousness of the solar system where the comets, or any other body in it is involved. In other realities, a solar flare could reach the planet and cause a mess, while, in an adjacent line, that solar flare doesn’t even happen, because the Sun, as the creator logos that it is, has the option to “sneeze” or not, and both things happen but in two different realities always.

Act where possible

We have to bear in mind that we have no control over these great realities, so all I explain is only the “local” theory, on which we can act, taken to more strong scenarios, to get an idea of the complexity of the subject.

Where if we have full control it is in our base frequency of vibration that connects us to a certain timeline within our base sphere, and from there it manifests and adds power to one of the strongest common realities for humanity. This is all I explain in the second part of the conference.

On the other hand, now that we are seeing so many predictions of events for 2014, we simply have to take into account that it is possible that all that is being published will happen, what we do not know is in what probable reality, in what temporal matrix-space, in what form and with what consequences, since what we want to manifest is manifested by all of us giving or taking strength away from these “predicted” events.

Even Nostradamus’ very cryptic prophecies are manifested to the letter in some of the multiple realities in which they were created, it simply may not be the one we have chosen to experience, perhaps our probable Self from a parallel reality is not living at this moment some of those predictions that here, for us, never happened or will happen.

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