Can you predict the future through reading the so-called “Akashic Records”? No

If this is what you wanted to know, today you have a short post. But … if you want to know if you can predict “future possibilities”, ahhh, the answer then is: it depends.

Access to the information

For starters I will tell you that this entry is motivated by an email I received, from a person, who has promised me 20% of the lottery winnings if I tell him the number that will come out in the next draw (this is true , but obviously I’m not going to say names). And someone had told him that this information was in the akashic files and that it could be read easily.

Let’s go by steps. Is the information about lottery numbers and other such things in the “mental archives” oh the Earth, in the whole of the energy grid that governs the manifestation of all physical processes? Of course. In the same way that there is information about absolutely everything that happens, it has happened and will happen. In what form is that information “stored”? Simply in the form of “future probabilities” and “probable events”. Can you access it? It depends. Only if it is in your “spiritual path”, if it is part of your Greater Good, if your Higher Self gives you access to it and if in addition you (or the person reading for you) is in a vibrational state equal or superior to that of the information that is intended to be accessed, and within your equation of possibilities, that this information needs to reach you or if it’s necessary for you.

Reading the “future”

The future is not written in stone. I explained it in a post many months ago talking about the Tarot. Our free will, our decisions, our thoughts, our desires, prayers, mantras, intentions, affirmations and every type of action that we do every second of our lives constantly modifies the possible materialisations of everything that happens to us every day. What yesterday could be probable, today may have given way to another type of event that has taken its place in the ranking of probabilities, and what we wanted to happen today is simply being manifested in another parallel reality or timeline.

What can we read then in the “archives” to help us?

We can see these probabilities. And that is a bit of saying much, but I will try to explain myself.

Each “thing” we do generates a timeline of probable repercussions and events. If today we decide not to go to work without notifying anyone, that will generate a line of events that will bring one or several reactions. These events, decisions and “things” that happen to us, that we create or decide, are pure energy, and as energy, they are recorded in the akashic archives, they are part of our “Sacred script”. But all the possible paths that may arise from an action are also registered.

Seeing “probabilities”

Thus, when we want to know if something “is going to happen”, what we can see is “how likely is that something to happen as things are at this time” (at the time of the consultation). If I am not going to work today, what possible events can we see as a result of this decision? Maybe they’ll call me to see what happened, maybe they think I’ve made an excuse not to go to work and they give me a warning, maybe I’ve already done it several times and they do fire me, etc. Will one of these things go 100% and can we predict it by looking at the akashic records? Well, no, no.

What we can see is that the created timeline in which you are thrown out of work has a probability X, the line of events in which you are called to see what happened to you has a probability Y and the line of events in which you are warned you have a probability Z. This we can see because your Higher Self knows, perceives and can assist you with the information of these lines and possibilities, and with its global vision outside the space-time continuum, it can give you information about POSSIBLE results, although without knowing exactly which of them will be the one that materializes.

Making decisions

What is the use of knowing the different possibilities? Basically to make important decisions in our life. Knowing the probabilities that a certain result will materialize, and if this result is aligned with our path, and our greater good, can be transcendental so as not to make mistakes and to cross the doors of life that we must cross.

To choose a new job, change residence or city, a new love, a business proposition, accept a promotion, start a project, etc., all these so important things in our lives can be easier to decide if we have a certain idea of ​​the possibilities they represent and the likelihood of their being manifested, as well as which of the different paths that are presented to us is more in line with our “path in life”. In any case, the numbers of the lottery are still effectively in the akashic archives, but if it has to reach you, do not worry, your Higher Self will be responsible for getting you the winning ticket.