Have you ever wondered if the people around you, in your family or in your inner circle, are people you already knew “before”? In many cases it is so. In addition, from “long before”. Probably from your “birth” as souls. And also, probably, you’ve been incarnated together representing several roles exchanged throughout your thousands of years of evolution in the hundreds of lives lived to date.

A magnificent staging

Each of our lives is like a play or a highly sophisticated videogame, and the characters, in each representation of the play, are the same, although changing their roles. This is basically a way to explain what are the primary soul groups: a small number of beings, souls, who incarnate together life after life adopting different roles to evolve together.

The primary soul groups are not usually too large, perhaps between 2 and 20 souls, perhaps more in some cases, although their creation and the assignment of a soul to a group in their birth is still for me even now something unknown. These souls are assigned according to their level of evolution, and, if for whatever reason, a soul has gone through many lives in which it has evolved and advanced much more than the rest of the souls of its group it may not take long to leave and join another group more advanced to embody in the following lives with new actors.

The nearby nucleus

The souls of our primary group always take extremely important roles and are people close to us, and the choice of these characters and roles, as well as the influence of each of them in our lives, and us in theirs, is agreed up to a certain point. Thus, in a group, for example, of five components, the roles of spouses, children, siblings or friends of the soul can be alternated between them. Sometimes, uncles or other relatives belong to secondary groups, depending on the type of life one decides to choose, and whether it is important to spend time and experience with them or not so much.

Primary Companions (=Our “soulmate”?)

Usually there are also souls that are considered primary companions, and they are always together in all incarnations in different roles, but all of them very important, either as our partner or as our children. These primary spiritual companions are the ones that have the most impact on us, so our Higher Self and our guides will manage the circumstances so that, once incarnated, we end up finding, living and collaborating together.

Basically, these two souls who decide to work together incarnation after incarnation do it because they complement each other well and because they know that one to the other can teach and provoke that growth that we need. This work is complemented by the influence of the rest of the souls of our primary group, but it is normal that at the level of souls, we are working mostly with a principal partner in almost all cases alternating roles that allow us to spend life after life together.

Find that primary companion

The encounter with your primary partner is a very important event of life and that is why what our guides and our Higher Self strive to the maximum to generate the synchronicities that allow us to bump into each other, even if it costs sweat and work when we do not want to take heed of those “clues” that they send us. But do not worry or spend your life looking for “your soulmate”, because it is agreed in advance that when the personal circumstances of both are correct, the “coincidences” for that meeting will occur and begin to take place. It Is a matter of listening to our intuition and allowing life to flow, because “up there” know very well where the wind has to blow if we put the sail on the right direction.