Last days I’ve been reading the books by Jane Roberts and Seth again which for a time, many years ago, were a gateway to the discovery of a world of expanded realities and for the compression of many of the things that although we don’t see, they are there on other planes.

It usually happens that whenever I get into a subject, it seems that “practical” experiences happen to me in order to “apply” the theoretical part I am reading. I don’t know if I do it on purpose at some level that I am not aware of or if those who act as my guides put me to work at night experiencing things that I have read during the day. Anyway, the point is that for almost a week, I’ve been dreaming quite clearly of probable realities or parallel lives where I’m understanding them as paths I didn’t take at the time, and these are updated and take place in other probable spaces, as valid as mine but unknown to my current senses in a state of vigil.

Parallel lives or probable “ME”

If we use the scheme below, from the article on the composition of the SUPRA-BEING, you will remember that we are talking about multiple incarnations of our SUPRA-BEING through our Higher Self in what we call the simultaneous past lives.

However, within each of these incarnations, there is a cluster of possibilities and experiences of which not all are updated and become reality and perceived during the life we lead. These are the probable realities or parallel existences.

Experiencing all the options

Each one of us, at the moment of incarnation, comes to a “base” reality chosen by our YS, and as we make decisions and bifurcations in life, our YS decides to experience not only one of the possible present options but several or all of them, in such a way that we could see it as if we were beginning to unfold or “multiply” constantly, beginning to co-exist in the different parallel realities existing on the planet that, although we have not updated and manifested in the “current” base reality, have been given and manifested in other lateral realities.


For example, me, David, by the time of my birth, I’m in position A of the diagram. Grow. At age of 18, I made the decision, for example, to enroll in a school to study one thing, while my HS, which perceives other similar but not equal opportunities, decides to manifest on a parallel plane the option of studying something similar, but perhaps not the same. It starts a parallel timeline in a probable reality (for me) where the events that happen to me on the one hand, being C, and on the other, having a part that has now become B (but of which , me, as C, I am not conscious, and of which, me as B, I believe to be the only existing consciousness of my being).

Considering only the big changes or bifurcations in life for not making this too extensive, let’s say that being C, I have the opportunity to go to work somewhere far away or stay where I am. It results that I decide to take the plane and change country, becoming F, but my being decides to maintain the timeline in which I stay where I am and do not accept that job, so that a probable reality appears, G which again generates a timeline where F believes to be the result of the decisions of C and A, which is correct, because he does not perceive that he is also B and that now he also exists as G.

B and G continue with their lives as if they were also the only existing reality because they are not aware of the other side of the fork from where they came from.

Obviously, as we grow up we get more likely to end up generating more parallel lives, so the analysis becomes much more complex reaching the figure I put you at the end of the previous article that looks much more to the structure of the SUPRA-BEING that we are.


How is this unfolding possible?

To understand it we must go and look for the answer in the smaller components that make everything that exists. It basically occurs because we are made of units of consciousness, which are the basic block of Creation (I don’t think there is another term that better designates it) that are free from the limitations of space and time.These units of consciousness combined in different ways give rise to the electromagnetic units that make our dense and solid 3D reality, (for example, bosons, quarks and the rest of the particles we know), they are millions of these energy units the ones that conform the atoms and molecules that then give rise to matter and everything that exists in our world at this frequency and vibrational level.

The units of consciousness (UC) are the smallest division that exists in Creation where still that portion of Source energy is conscious of itself and the whole at the same time. We could not further subdivide that unit of consciousness because to do so would be to reintegrate its energy with the unmanifested energy of the WHOLE and it would then lose its creative potential. These units of consciousness, as I say, are not limited by the concepts of space and time, they exist and communicate with all realities at the same time, and with all the existing frequency planes, they can be connected at multiple levels and fluctuate between them and, from the moment we are born, they constantly manifest multiple options in multiple realities for each of the experiences that the being wishes to acquire.

What does this mean? That all the possibilities that something happens to you are going to manifest constantly in one of the multiple probable realities that your UCs are going to create, are creating, or have created so that these experiences are collected by the BEING that you are.

The UCs that belong to or maintain your “updated” and more or less linear base reality, so that you have a continuity of experience and memory and we can talk about past, present or future events, will choose which of those experiences and probabilities will manifest in each of the multiple projections or parallel lives that the being generates to acquire experience. This depends mainly on your beliefs, emotions and the rest of the content of your energy system in this base reality, for these UCs that now define you as the person reading this article will attract or choose to manifest an experience according to their energy charge and content that does not have to be the same as the charge or content of the UCs that are in one of your probable and parallel existences.

Transmission and connection between probable realities

However, at the level of UCs (units of consciousness), all probable and parallel realities are connected to each other, thanks to which, in lucid dreams, for example, as happens to me, you can perceive what is happening in another reality with another of your probable selves and realize the influence of one reality on another through the connection that exists between the UCs, which are constantly updated and feedback with what happens in each of those existences.

There is no point in explaining my dreams to you because you would not understand what they are referring to, although I do understand. For example, having an X feeling in me and not knowing where it comes from, but dreaming and seeing that it is the result of an event generated by another parallel David (although in my current reality that event has not taken place) and realizing that it is the unconscious perception and connection with that other reality that is making me feel that way. Or, for example, seeing the fork of some important moment in my life and realizing that the same actors who appear now in that fork (the people I have seen in the dream), are part of my current life too, but in a different way and another style, so that these are parallel realities of those people who have also interacted with me in this reality and that we are manifesting different experiences with each other in a range of practically infinite dimensions.

It is a subject that gives for a lot more, and many questions arise about it, for example, can a parallel “Me” die in one side existence before another? It is possible. What happens if a parallel ‘Me’ generates one karma that does not generate another? Where does that karma accumulate? What happens if in one reality some lessons are completed and worked on while in another they are not touched? Well, I’ll tell you because tonight I think my guides are going to endure my theoretical questions until I feel calm and understand and I can go to sleep waiting to see that David parallel connection and is doing for these worlds of creation.