One of the parts I like the most of Jane Roberts books Seth material and Seth speaks is the whole issue of parallel realities, worlds that co-exist hand in hand with ours in other frequency level we are unaware of. This view of multiple visible realities accessible through portals is perfectly shown by one of the Matrix movies, I think in the third one, where the “bodyguards” of the character of Oracle takes Neo through different hallways that contain multiple doors, and each door gives access to a different place, a world which is slightly different from the reality of the door from the side.

Movies aside, realities or parallel dimensions are as “real” for those who are not subject to the limitation of the perceptions of the physical body as it is for us this ‘reality’ in which we exist and to which we are hooked to.

Many Worlds in a Single Present

The continuous space-time structure of our reality is not a straight line where the events are well-ordered one after the other. This is how we perceive it, but it is far from the way it could be perceived outside this level. That line is actually composed of multiple sub-lines, as if it were the old audio tape, with several tracks within the same tape. That track, channel 1 tape, runs parallel to the channel 2 of the same tape, both remain invisible to each other, but real and tangible for someone who sees the tape completely from the outside of it. In addition, all the notes and songs are already recorded in that tape of music, in an eternal present, where the past, the present and the future are not but benchmarks within an established framework (recording medium), which can be accessed (from the outside) moving forward, backward, or stopping the tape.

Thus, the parallel realities are those adjacent levels accessed via portals (doors of Matrix), that open spontaneously for multiple reasons and by which we can see ourselves transported, if we had the misfortune of crossing one without knowing it, to a parallel dimension where things can be completely different, more or less equal or similar. It does not represent any advantage to be able to cross from one reality parallel to another, if you don’t know how to return to yours. This is pure science fiction as series as Sliders show us. To cross from one dimension to another, being energy anchored to this, represents or may represent to lose yourself in the continuous space – time of the planet, where when crossing a portal you’d find yourself in a reality in which you can’t handle yourself, don’t know how to go out and don’t know how to ask for help. Moreover, it could the case of meeting with another part of you existing in this reality, something that could very well happen “physically” and materially, if these portals really let you cross you from one level to another.

Probable Realities

What is most interesting for us is not the exploration of parallel dimensions where we have lost nothing, but working with our probable realities. This is, to be able to choose and skip within future potentials to focus in our present that which most interests us. This is related to the different timelines that open before us at all times, within the same “channel 1” tape in which we exist. As the tape moves by the music player, we will be updating this “future” turning it into the “present”, and leaving it pass to what we call “past” (what we have already heard in the tape, but that remains latent and active in it).

And if we could choose the future we want to upgrade to our present?

That is very simple, or at least easier than skipping from dimension to dimension (which is supposed to be that you can do with certain technology, related to the so-called Philadelphia experiment, but it is supposed that we don’t know anything about it yet). Working with probable realities is an energy work of “hooking to” or tuning into one of those potential futures that are latent in what our brain/mind interprets as “tomorrow”. Everything that can happen has already happened, is potentially and vibrational speaking present in another point of creation to which we have not hooked to yet, therefore we have not focused in it, and we have not updated it as our present. All your options, decisions, choices and possibilities are in front of you, as if it were a lot of static photos each one representing a different future waiting for you to get inside one of the characters in the picture.

Walking down a hallway

Here everything depends on how capable are you of visualizing those futures or probable realities. The way I do it and works best for me is as follows. If at a point in my life I find myself at a crossroads, I plant myself in a long corridor and there I ask myself the question. What alternatives am I able to imagine for this crossroad? Let us imagine that it is a project that I want to achieve or do. In front of me I visualize two or three possible paths. One of those paths leads to the reality where I have been granted the project, I am implementing it, everything works fine and this project leads to other opportunities. On other side, in front of me, in this same corridor, I visualize the other option, they have not given me the project, my life goes on as usual and I miss these opportunities I want to have. The third option, any other, they have granted me the project but is not exactly as I want, or things like that.

The question is to imagine and think what possible futures you have from the observer’s position in which you are at this present time. And then you begin to walk, physically, as if you were walking along an imaginary timeline. At one point, that line begins to divide into several, each of these splits takes you to one of probable futures that are potentially latent, so physically, I turn towards the future I want to update as my present. I get to walk through the new timeline (for example, in a long corridor of a meter wide, we could imaginarily divide that metro in three or four lines of 20 or 25 cm each), and I try to feel that I get hooked with this timeline and that probable reality. I put the intention of getting hooked to it, then I try to feel the events that may come while I’m on the imaginary line and when I cannot walk anymore (the corridor ends), I try to reaffirm me visually as I have been engaged and connected to the timeline that I really want.

Learn how to consistently choose the future we want to manifest

I imagine that there are many ways to do it. It works for me like this because as I walk, I can really feel the energy of this timeline (me making it up or not, the issue is that feelings of what happens in this probable reality are perceived) and this reaffirms my intention of choosing that future in particular that I want for my present.

It’s a way as any other of working with the multiple existences of potential events within our reality. Another thing is that any day, causally or fortuitously you find yourself crossing a real dimensional portal where you can access another parallel reality, where of course you can continue to create probable realities, but that reality will be alien and strange, because it is not your world, but a world to which you have entered through a hole that now you do not you know where it is, or where to find it to return home. This is similar to the story of crossing the mirror in Alice in the Wonderland. What is necessary is not working with parallel realities, but with the update of probable realities, that, of those, we have to infinity and beyond.