Procrastination and negative thinking forms


According to Wikipedia, procrastination or postponement, “is the action or habit of postponing activities or situations to be addressed, replace by other more irrelevant and enjoyable situations.” Basically, it’s about “I don’t feel like doing this”, or I don’t feel like doing anything, in generic terms, and there are lots of books, webs, and methods to overcome this feeling, and get things done.

Negative ways of thinking

Since I come from the engineering world, these things were the order of the day when I had to oversee and coordinate projects. I have received many lectures and mini courses in techniques and ways on how to accomplish tasks, some more effective than others, but all with the objective that we overcome this tendency to postpone things. Well, energetically, the procrastination has an answer and a root that causes it. They are what we call negative ways of thinking of “abstinence” (about which are the negative ways of thinking and how they form there are several articles in the blog archives).

These things you discover them by coincidence and by experiencing oneself. There are days you wake up without wanting anything, or do readings, or write on the blog, or look at your courses, your books or even put you to read something. I did not know why suddenly this sensation appears (in the courses always talk about psychological factors) so I started looking for energy blockades that were causing it. This is how I saw in my mental and emotional body these little “sediments” of negative energy that we call “ways of thinking” that vibrated at a frequency associated with “abstinence”, ie not doing things.


Said and done, as I eliminated those blockages, transmuted those energies of “abstinence” and after a couple of hours was again as hyperactive as I always am. Again, another confirmation that everything in this world has a root or counterpart energy, and when getting rid of it, all physical, mental or psychological effects they manifest are eliminated, modified or transmuted.

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