Projections of others, turn into problems for us


In the last months, a recurring pattern has started to appear (it is not that it did not existed before, it is that I have just discovered it after doing several Akashic Healing readings that are similar) in readings done to solve specific problems and particular situations. Either in a physical problem (something hurts, we feel discomfort, etc.) or in a problem in a certain area: work, family, friendships, relationships, etc., I have discovered that in a high % of the cases, what we call an energetic hook”, which it’s nothing different than the projection of a feeling, thought or idea of somebody else about us, anchored to one of our chakras or subtle bodies, ends up manifesting as what we call negative thinking form”, which is an energetic “blob” which is self-created in our energetic structure and emits the same frequency as the frequency of the emotion it represents.

Others emotions

Let’s give an example. A person has problems to find a partner, and in the reading I discover he has a self-created negative thinking form of fear and panic to relationships. One could think, where does this possible fear to a relationship come from? Sometimes, it comes from previous unsuccessful relationships or even from previous lives, but in many cases I am seeing that it comes from the projections of other (close) people’s fears about us. Sometimes the reason is a father or a mother worried about their children, that see them with somebody and don’t want them to get damaged or something of the like. Unconsciously, this projection turns into a hook into their son´s aura or subtle bodies which makes him have problems with his partner. Obviously, the son must have “accepted” this projection (nothing “hooks” to us without our permission, though unconsciously), but the simple fact that we have said “yes mum I´ll be careful with who I go out” is something as accepting that parental projection. The same happens with friends, acquaintances, business partners, etc. in any possible area you may imagine.

Difficult to avoid

These projections of others onto us are very difficult to detect and to avoid and our projections onto others, the same. What happens is that the consequences can be really detectable and obvious. As I said, the recurrent pattern that has appeared in this last months is much the same; there is not a negative thinking form without a hook to the close person that created it. Even I, find myself projecting onto my son my own worries (that this or that is going to happen to him or whether he is alright or not) and then when I do a regular reading to keep him energetically “healthy”, I find I have created a negative thinking form which makes him feel this way or other. Neither are they, excessively serious, problems or blocks, because they end disolving on their own, as they don’t have more energy that feeds them (on the side of the person that projects it or on the side on the person that receives it, who ends not taking them into consideration), but it is clear that within human interactions it is something pretty usual and common, that this occurs.

Difficult problems

What happens too, is that when the projection of emotions, feelings or worries of one person onto another, is extremely strong (they have a big energy load) and they manage to slip into the receptor´s structure and turn into negative thinking forms, this energy can easily block a complete area of the life of the person or turn into a load, difficult to explain that may manifest, even, as physical problems. For example, a negative thinking form in the emotional body of somebody, generating a block in the first chakra, caused by a projection (hook) of somebody that thinks we are an insecure person, can end causing problems in kidneys, for example. This chakra has associated a function and depends on the energy which is blocking it and the frequency and type of emotion we are generating (insecurity in this case) can end causing a physical problem in one or some parts of the body.

It is something we ought to have in mind; I always say that before taking a bagful of antibiotics, we should evaluate our energy system to see where is the root of the problem, and then, that the natural or traditional medicine helps us heal. In any case, if we are ourselves who are projecting our emotions, fears and so on, onto others, we ought to stop doing it, because we know what we may be causing to those around us. If we are ourselves the receptors of those hooks, we have to see how we feel with each of the persons that surround us, and if somebody seems to make us feel in a certain way, stop mentally “feeding energetically” that emotion or feeling so that it fades on its own.

As I say, the majority of the hooks and negative forms disappear overtime, but others are persistent. It is a question of observing how we feel and what others make us feel, to discover if some of them have slipped into our energetic structure.

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