(Pseudo) scientific explanation of the Law of Attraction


I imagine that there isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard of the Law of Attraction and everything that has been created around it. With the release of the films “The Secret” and “What the bleep do we know”, many books, articles, self-help programs etc., began to be generated that try to explain to us what the Law of Attraction is, and how to make everything that we desire come into our lives (it’s not that the subject didn’t exist before, but maybe it wasn’t so well known by the masses). Without entering into beliefs, each person tends to believe, or not, in what resonates with their internal values, and we have to decide for ourselves that it is valid or not for our reality. So with that spirit of engineer that one has inside (and that comes out from time to time), I’ve put myself to write a partially technical explanation of how the Law of Attraction works according to my current understanding of it.

Basic premises

The Law of Attraction starts from the basic premise that everything in the universe is energy in different states, vibrating at a certain frequency. There is little to discuss here about this, since it is one of the pillars of quantum physics. A rock, a flower or Saturn, we are all formed by that energy, in a more solid or more ethereal state, each one with its specific vibratory frequency, but being the same basic component. Just as our physical body is energy with certain characteristics, our thoughts and feelings in turn emit energy at a certain frequency. The more focused or intense the thought or feeling, the more direct the energy beam created or thrown to the outside.

The second premise is that “like attracts like”, which expresses the exact concept that what is the same ends up together. What you are, feel or have, is what you always attract towards you.

The third premise is that the “universe”(as a concept of reality container) is a huge pool of energy, or to put it another way, a pile of modelling clay from which we are able to take a piece and mold it as we wish. That is, there is an inexhaustible source of resources that our directed thoughts are able to influence.

The process of attraction

From the moment we want something until it appears in our life, the energy impulse goes through different states or phases. It is important to recognize them because they indicate to us what point the materialization of our desire is at. The time it takes to materialize something we want depends on many factors, one of the most important being your preparation and level of resonance with the anticipated desire (vibration at the same frequency as the energy of the desired thing or situation). We only attract o co-create things when we are ready to receive them, and that is something that can delay that love you dreamed of, that million euros, or the villa in Ibiza appearing in your life. Another important factor is the intensity with which we maintain the desire; it’s not the same having our mental “laser” 24 hours shaping the universal energy to create your request, that once a week that you remember what you asked for and complain because it never comes.

The Alpha impulse

The initial thought that we launch when we desire something is denominated impulse or Alpha wave. It is the concentrated energy, the laser of our mind that shoots out the idea that we wish to attract towards us from our pineal gland towards the mental plane. Like a ray of light, our alpha impulse has different levels of power and range; a weak desire, with doubts, with now I want it now I don’t know, does not generate more than a weak wave with the energetic content of that which we want to manifest. A strong, constant and secure desire is like a direct and powerful beam that goes directly to that pool of energy that is the universe with the image of the desire to attract.

The Beta reflection

Once we have generated our desire (consciously or unconsciously, from our mental body and via the pineal gland), the universe responds with what we will call  (someone else did and I not sure where the name comes from) the Beta reflection. It is a kind of “acknowledgment of receipt” that tells us that our “request” (mental projection) has been received. It works almost instantaneously and subtly, so we do not always realize it. Examples of this beta reflection are, for example, wanting to manifest a certain amount of money and suddenly we find five euros inside an old trouser pocket, or we casually hear a conversation related to this subject in which there’s some indication regarding the desire to increment money. Beta reflection never fails, but not everyone knows how to detect it.

The time of calm (and progress)

Once we have obtained the “OK” that our wish has been received, we must maintain “concentration” and our “laser” focused so that the energy we send forms that which we want in that huge mental universal “pool”. The only way to keep our mental energy constantly shaping our desire is by “feeling” what we desire as if we already had it. That is, if you want a new car, better results are obtained, and in less time, if you feel the sensation of driving that mechanical wonder, the wind coming through the window, the fantastic leather seats, the power of the car. Your imagination and a little will can do the rest. Feeling is more powerful than thinking in some aspects; it contains more energy, therefore, when you feel what you want as if you were already enjoying it, it is as if you put the power of your energetic wave to the maximum and tune your inner frequency with the frequency of the desired thing or situation.

It is in this phase when most people abandon the idea and when the waves of their desire are diluted on the mental plane, so they never come down to the etheric and never appear in the solid and material world. As I said, you must be prepared to receive what you ask for, and you must allow time for this to appear in your reality. The key here is to maintain constant the feeling that we already have what we have asked for, and you can do it in many ways: visualizing, with affirmations, concentrating every day on it, etc.

Process of materialization and change of state

Although we do not realize it, our desire began to form from the moment the “universe” sent us its beta reflection. In these moments, that which we desire is in a pure energetic state and must go through several states until it is converted and adapted to the energetic level that it needs to appear in our reality. Thus, our desire must concentrate, become more solid and transform into the vibrational and frequency level that fits ours (at the same time that we adjust to its frequency, so that equals are attracted). Once in this state, we have practically everything ready for the Law of Attraction to finish its mission. It is in this phase that the opportunities and indications that you must take or do in order to reach your desires will begin to arrive. These opportunities have the sole purpose of preparing you to receive what you have asked for or to show you the path to where you will find it. You must be attentive and know how to recognize them, because if you don’t go through the doors that open to you, it will take time for them to open again.

The final materialization

Probably, without realizing it, one fine day you will discover that you have achieved what you desired and that you have it right under your nose. This is really impressive if you are one of those people who, for example, sets objectives in your life for six months, one year and three years. When you are reviewing what you asked for one year ago, you realize that, without knowing how, they are already part of your life.

In short, the Law of Attraction is a very powerful tool to get what we want, but it is not a magic wand that makes our desire appear in our room in just a few minutes. It requires perseverance, demonstrating that we are really sure of what we want, no doubts and patience. Once you get the method, you’ll never doubt its effectiveness again, and like all things, with practice, the better you do it the quicker the results are achieved.

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