Reality is a mental illusion (II)


Following the first entry regarding how we build the reality that we perceive from the outside world, we will go a little further to talk about the common reality” that we all perceive as equal.

That is, what happens with this reality that we all share? We can say that it is an imposed reality, created by the sum of thoughts and energies projected to the collective unconscious, to which we are held, and we accept it for pure convenience and global agreement. This is, we are all interested in the existence of a certain structure in order to drive our day-to-day, and that structure, that shared world, is something that our mind has simply “approved” it, it has stored inside and it is the information that uses to build in our mind the three-dimensional images of everything that we see and about we all agree that it is as it is.

Navigating the collective unconscious

What is really the collective unconscious? We can basically describe it as information, electromagnetic waves, a cloud of conscious energy located in the mental plane of the planet, ready to be decoded, a world already created and to which we only have to “plug in”, and we all are automatically plugged in since we are born (as in the movie The Matrix). This electromagnetic world is perceived and “anchored” in us through our DNA, our mental spheres, our multidimensional structure, which behave like an antenna through which we receive the frequencies of what we call the collective reality that we all perceive and project. These frequencies, waves and energetic constituents of reality are what our senses perceive and which ends up, partially, being decoded by the mind, which builds the relevant associations and the three-dimensional images that we see as real, solid and tangible things.

Manifesting the world out there

How are we capable of obtaining that thing that we desire the most, to live a situation again and again, or always to attract the same kind of people? Remember again that what passes through our senses is part of what exited our subconscious and the building processes of our own holoquantum reality. Imagine that for two weeks, you don’t stop watching really sad movies and during those two weeks your subconscious is so drenched of the feeling of sadness that sadness is all that emanates from you. You live in sadness, you emanate sadness, and you vibrate at the frequency of sadness. That energy is what you are constantly sending, through our thoughts and feelings, through the pineal gland to the outside.

What happens then with our reality? That we will project it and attract it towards us, and the energetic beams that will enter our senses, coming from the outside, will be pure energy associated with sadness feelings, since we are creators and “magnets”, sadness is what we attract. Then, what reality does our mind build for us? A sum of situations and events that produce and reproduce that sadness. Because that is what it perceives, and even if only a fraction of what passes through the eyes is really something sad, since it is aligned with the inner feeling that we are currently having, that will be the reality that our mind will build for us (maybe, the same event for another person is perceived and built as something totally different, because this person’s mind does not expect to decode a situation or event that transmits sadness, and therefore, it doesn’t).

Everything makes sense

By this way, a cycle is created. If we are not capable of changing the inner feeling of sadness, which became into what we emit and the “magnet” that we are, attracted towards us, catching those waves that vibrated equal, while we are transmitting that frequency, we attract only situations, events and realities in line with that sadness feeling, which will reinforce it and will keep the wheel rolling. And that will be the prevailing factor in our life. How many people do you know who are constantly complaining about that they only suffer misfortunes, that they never have luck, that they never do anything right? Now you can explain them how they can break the “ spell “. Another thing is if those thoughts are “artificial”, as I explained in this entry, but the working mechanism is the same.

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