Reality is a Mental Illusion (III)


This entry is the continuation of the series Reality is a Mental illusion. Hereby you can read the first post and the second post of the series. Let’s talk a little about manipulation of the masses through the mechanism described beforehand.

According to what we’ve discussed so far in the previous two entries, do you now realize how you can manipulate the reality of millions of people? It’s very easy. Implant a feeling, an idea or a message in the subconscious of people, and that will be the reality they will create without even being aware, and where they will be caught without even knowing. Those who are interested in having us thinking one thing or the other do so all the time, they tell us to what particular product to buy, or how to live our lives.

If you start blasting people, day and night, through TV, radio, newspapers, etc., that the world it’s downright chaos, that only the strongest rule, that things are going really bad, that problems in the economy are rampant, that there’s an influenza pandemic, etc., implant these ideas constantly for a long time in people’s subconscious, what do you think it will be the common reality created by the entire planet?

This is the basic manipulation mechanism most used by those who intend to control the masses. If they want us to think or feel in a particular way, and have us generating that kind of frequency, what portion within the myriad energy wavelengths possible do you think we will attract and perceive, if we are vibrating with this type of thoughts? What kind of reality will our mind decode if all we have at the subconscious level are the images and information on how bad things are, and on top of that we externally receive frequencies bringing the same information?

The cycle is complete. Just by implanting ideas that are not necessarily true, but pre-manipulated, so that, step by step, the entire planet creates a reality in accordance to these ideas, without anyone, not a single person, being aware of it. This is because, as we have already said, controlling subconscious is the key to control reality; what the subconscious creates, this will be what your mind believe and accepts as valid.

Albert Einstein once said “reality is an illusion, but a very persistent one”. Well, even science nowadays has started to understand this, albeit there’s still a long way to go before it’s officially accepted. Just beware how you build your own reality, now you know a little bit more how to.

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