We have all read “The Secret“, we have seen the film and have read lots of books and articles (a few in this blog) on how to create the reality we want. We no longer argue that what these books and articles tell us is somewhat true, our external reality depends EXCLUSIVELY on our inner reality (thoughts and emotions), and only changing us “inside“, we can change “the outside“. But how easy it is to be told and how hard it is to do it, right? Well yes, and basically there are few factors that prevent us, all more or less related to each other.


Are you telling me that I have to set up a time every day for 15 minutes to visualize (imagine) the life I want, the changes I desire and what I would like to attract towards me? Too long. Who wants to set up every morning 15 minutes sitting on the couch, relaxed, to imagine the life you want?. The first day you do, the second also, after three days you are simply doing your normal life.

In a hurry to obtain things

You’ve been visualizing your perfect life for five days and the most you’ve got is that somebody changed the pot next to your desk, but hell, where’s that promotion? Where is the house of my dreams, my soul mate and the new car? Things take time to come, especially in a reality as “dense” as this in which we live, in which everything has to go through various “physical” processes until it can reach us. But I, if by Saturday I don’t have what I want, I get bored, and the daily visualization is over. I can’t wait forever!

Not having clear ideas

Let’s see, Mmm… what changes would I like to make in my life? Do I want a better position? Yes! Bingo, let’s visualize it, but wait… No, I better stay as I am and visualize more time for me and less responsibilities, that, more economic abundance, and so I will have more freedom. Come on, let’s go into visualization. Wait, basically what I want is to change company, where I’m not feeling well, and total, for what they pay… No, let’s visualize a total career change… Yes, well, love is what matters, isn’t it? What difference make the place I work at? :-)….

Little consistency

This week I’ll do it for sure every day. But next week as I’m on vacation, well, I’ll do it when I return. And if not, it’s okay, doing it during the weekend for a little while it serves me, right? I think the Universe will listen to me, and if I meditate and visualize my ideal life once a month you’ll be aware of it, right? If I have no desire, is better watching TV and not thinking about all these things, I want to receive all because I deserve it, I have enough work to do in real world!. It was nice while it lasted.

That’s the way things are

That’s basically how most of us are. I hope you have captured the irony because this is based on a real story (mine for quite some time) and many people who go through life with the book of The Secret at all times and places but then, but when it’s time for the truth it is more comfortable for us than the reality created by the collective unconscious which is the reality that we live each one of us. It is pure work of personal growth, we must work that laziness, that inconstancy and those haste not only to manifest effectively what we want, but in general, learn to control ourselves in our day to day and develop other qualities as important as serenity, patience or consistency. But of course, if you can’t, you can’t, can you? It was nice while it lasted.