When we have a bad day, it looks like we blow up for anything. Everything bothers us, little things irritate us, things that we normally tolerate or are neutral annoy us, etc. Those days we are often in a worse mood, we get angry, we growl, maybe we scream to people, and this is a sign that the body needs to provide an escape route to the energy accumulated into us, and to the emotions that rise up and, many times, either we release them or we risk becoming a walking emotional bomb.

Usually, the most common escape route is the throat chakra, which is reflected in our complaints, growls, screams, or discussions. It is healthy to let out everything we carry inside, otherwise, it accumulates into us, but it is not necessary for our close environment to be the receivers of those highly charged emotions so that they receive something they have not provoked.

Causing our own anger

Many times the cause of our own negative emotions are ourselves. It’s not that our boss has been giving us a hard time, that our kid cries nonstop and doesn’t leave you a minute to rest, that everything at work is a burden, that it rains in jars and you can’t go for a walk, etc. Most of the time, the problem is that, without knowing it, we are angry with ourselves for not having stood up, for not having said or done this or that, for not having been able to react the way we wanted, or for not having been foresighted. The outside world is there to remind us how we are inside, and our frustrations and negative emotions are many more times provoked by something we carry within us than by an external cause.

Dealing with emotions

As I say, it is healthy to let out that energy that flows within making us feel about to burst, but, like all energy, it can be handled and managed in many ways. What we are going to try is not to suppress and repress that emotion, because that sends it to our emotional body’s “infraworld” (the deepest layers of it, clustered with many other repressed energies), where we bury everything we don’t like and want to avoid, creating a dangerous Pandora’s box that can bring us unpleasant consequences in the future.

What we can do is simply use that energy for other purposes. Imagine that you’re about to start screaming because you’re sick of your work situation (or at home, or anywhere). Whatever is the cause of this discomfort (analyze if it is not you, as we have said before), when you notice that rage or anger going up your neck, focus on it, and instead of letting it go, send it up, into your crown chakra, and imagine that it comes out into the universe and you free yourself from it. Or better yet, send it to Earth, to the planet, through the base chakra, because Mother Earth has the power to simply transmute your negative energy into pure energy, which will do it well.

Otherwise, you can consciously take the energy and distribute it throughout your body, imagining that the power that emotion carries will serve to break existing blockages in chakras or other body parts. Visualize how that energy enters your cells with force and undoes all kinds of ”jams” while it is distributed and transmuted into a positive energy kind.

Act fast

It takes just a moment to notice that emotion coming out of your chest and going up to your throat looking for an exit point, so you have to act fast, mentally anchor yourself in that energy and move it with your mind, otherwise you will see yourself yelling again, angry or irritated. The process is almost magical, for such an intense emotion has much potential to do well if it is well used, whether you direct it to your own body and distribute it, or send it to Earth to be transmuted there. Remember that next time you’re about to explode. You’ll notice the change.