Have you realized how good we feel when just after having introduced yourself to a stranger at any place, this stranger few minutes later calls us by our name? Or even better, if you are one of those persons working to the public and you carry a badge with your name, and one of the clients addresses to you not only by saying “sorry Sir” but “excuse me David”… isn’t it true that unconsciously you feel a greater personal satisfaction or greater joy? This is because we all like to stand out from the crowd, to be specially treated and in a more personalized manner. This is what simply happens when you call people by their name, even if you do not know the person completely (we assume that those you see daily, you call them properly).

The name, our identity symbol

There is nothing more precious and more important, when it comes to social relationships, that our name. We use our name so others can remember us, to be isolated from the tumult of the amount of information received every second from the rest of the people, and with that, so we gain our acknowledgment space before the others. Our name is our flag, and we love that people call us by it, and not by any politeness formula, which, always if even being correct and pleasant, it never causes the same feeling as to when the waiter at the bar where you often go says: “Hi David, what can I get you today?”.

The power of name in relationships

Remembering people’s name is the fastest and most effective way to make stronger and longer contacts, foster relationships and establish a more direct access route. Calling all those who work with you, customers, suppliers, employees, acquaintances, by their name, is the assured formula to be remembered and to generate a sense of close relationship, whether it is real or not, that we all like and satisfies us. It is part of every formula to be liked in society, make friends and influence on people.

There are great leaders and politicians, as well as entrepreneurs, who spend hours working on techniques to memorize the name of the maximum number of people who work for them. The leadership of these people depends to a great extent by addressing everyone, and each of their employees, by their name, to make them feel reasonably important in any way and treat them with the maximum direct respect. Their companies, organizations and projects depend on it. To get something off the ground that depends on so many people means treating them with the maximum cordiality and proximity possible. Step number one is to remember the name of all of them, who does not feel a bit “special” if the CEO of your company when passing by your side or finds you at the company’s cafeteria, says hi by your name? If you are a good manager, and you know how to motivate people, you cannot fail in such details.

Making business thanks to the name

To make business and get clients, contracts, important contacts, etc., you need to know the name of everyone, not just the company’s president name to which you want to address for financial support, to sell your services or products, but also the name of the secretary who will grant you access to him, the security guard who will identify you at the door, and the doorman of the building that will allow you to enter. You need to know the name of the people, say hello to them and win their sympathy by simply making them feel that you treat them individually. To sell your services, find out the name of your potential customers on the first call, and from then on, always use it. Use it even when you write emails to people you don’t know or you have never met, since the success of your commercial actions depends to a great extent on it.

Succeeding in society

Wherever you go, if you can, find out the names of those people with whom you must interact with, in the restaurant where you eat daily, in the shop where you buy the bread, etc. You will notice the change in the manner that people treat you back, maybe they will try to find out yours too and they will give you back the favor by making you feel close and in a certain manner special. We all like to be treated like that, and if you have to look for that treatment, do not hesitate to give it, you will see the amount of possibilities that appear just by the simple act of calling people by their name.