What happens when we die? The million-dollar question. According to your beliefs anything can happen: from simply “there is nothing else” and “there is just one life”, until a complex process of recycling, known as reincarnation, is produced (although everything is simultaneous, but it is impossible for the human brain to understand this process if it is not explained as something linear. Since I am one of those who believe in this second aspect, reincarnation, basically the idea is to try to “investigate” in the most understandable possible way what seems to occur from the moment we leave the physical body until we enter into another, and what are the differences between going in and out of a life and getting in and out of an evolutionary level.

Life after life, the accumulation of experiences

The first thing we have to understand is that everything that comes and goes from an incarnation process is a fraction of the being that we are, and that totality of being is not limited by space or time. That conscious of being part of eternity is kept in the depths of our subconscious, and only a small part of that perception is able to find its way to the logical and rational mind, for what we call the “veil of amnesia” (the programming that we all have in our mental spheres) It keeps us all in a clean slate, ignorant of what has been cooked in the deepest portions of our mind, throughout all of the incarnation.

When time comes to leave the body, the so-called silver cord is naturally disposed of, disconnected by our Higher Self, untying the soul of the occupied physical vehicle during the incarnation. The soul may not want to immediately leave the environment where it has died, especially if you want to insure or want to see what happens to those that will stay after you leave, and try, although for the most is an imperceptible signal, point out that everything is okay, that nothing but a natural process has happened and that it is time to leave.

In any case, there comes a point at which that soul is aware that it is time to move forward. If it is a pause between two incarnations, the next step is to review what has been lived. Throughout this process, will be with the entity those presences that serve as guides; these could be the ones during the incarnation (which we all have when we are in the game), other parts of ourselves projected from the Higher Self or other souls that previously came out of this game and now come to welcome the newcomer. The soul is then accompanied to the higher non-physical planes of the planet, where this process of revision begins.

Reviewing what you learned

If you have read the books of Michael Newton, he describes this process (the people who underwent regressive hypnosis) as the vision of a film, images, or snapshots, in which we do an analysis of what we learned and not learned and experienced or did not experienced, and what could have become something like unfulfilled agreements, karma, outstanding lessons, etc., etc. After this review there is a process of healing, recovery, cleansing, etc., remember that we still have an important part of our emotional and mental patterns with us that should be fine-tuned before starting a new life.

Once this process of recovery is done, without a temporal concept of how much can or should last, we prepare the objectives for the next assault on the physical plane, based on the guidelines of our Higher Self, the curriculum we have left pending, our personal interest in revising one lesson or another, the service we want to do to others, etc. There is no judgement about it, it is a process of seeing what we have learned and what we need to learn. There is no guilt, no remorse, there are only experiences and pending lessons.

Thus, with the help of our Higher Self and what we call our guides, a plan for the new incarnation is prepared. We discuss the main relationships we are going to have, the agreements with the souls that will participate in our learning and how we will participate in theirs, the choice of skills and talents necessary for that chosen purpose, and the characteristics of the physical vehicle necessary for the lessons and mission desired. And the process begins again, and another incarnation starts.

The last life and the move of evolutionary level

There comes a time when, before embodying, the entity already knows that this will be its last life, because the desired learning for its current evolutionary level is very close to being completed, so that last adventure is already planned with the idea that it will not come back to the actual reality (unless things go very wrong) and that the graduation process to the next course (in our case, the so-called Matrix 15, 6Hz, our “new” level of play) will be the final “test” after the end of the Incarnation. We have all heard (and more this month) of Armageddon, the end of time, the Ascension of humanity, and all kinds of catastrophes by which the world as we know disappears. It doesn’t look at all to the process, I think, actually happens.

When that soul is in its last incarnation, it is completing what it needs to complete for its “graduation”, and this includes the choice of conscious evolutionary polarity for the next level, which could be towards the polarity of service to others, which it will be able to continue on the planet once the energies are establish for it, or towards service to oneself, for which we will have to look for another school in any other place that admits “negative” graduates. That’s why it’s so important now, for those in their last life, to choose polarity.

The way this graduation or passing of level happens is very similar (I understand) to the transition that occurs between lives, with an exception that we will now see. After the break of the silver cord, after the welcome by guides, friends, and our Higher Self, after the review of everything that happened, the entity itself “asks” to undergo the “test” (always metaphorically speaking) of the next reality or evolutionary level.

All evolutionary levels are present in potency, what we call the Matrix 15,6Hz is not even an active level on the planet because it is under construction does not mean that the energies that characterize it are not available to those who have already reached this “Course”. The evaluation mechanism is then very simple. The soul moves towards the planes where these energies are present, immerse in them, under the gaze of the Higher Self, and the test is made. If this soul is able to “vibrate” in this new level comfortably, the graduation has been completed, which simply means that the soul, after the hundreds or thousands of incarnations at the current level 7,8Hz, has acquired the potential and the “level” to then start using the planes of the next evolutionary reality because it is at the same “frequency” level as the environment it will use from now on.

If it happened that a soul did not become “fit” vibrationally speaking with the new frequency level, it must reincarnate at the current level again, or work on the inner planes of the earth, until it refines its evolutionary level enough to being able to use the new matrix as the basis for the new learning cycle.

In any case, we are a timeless, eternal and infinite entity, simultaneously existing in many levels, in what seems to us a linear progression of acquisition of evolutionary experiences until returning to that “Source” of which we have departed from. Many of us are in our last incarnation, and that in addition to a responsibility is a joy, but what is going to happen next is simply a working hypothesis that I hope will not take long for us to check.