Schema of the Metaphysical


I am not sure if the title is right; I just could not figure out how to call this information I have for you. Having myself an engineering background and a tendency to order, classify, decode and analyze things (brain’s left hemisphere to the full! but, fortunately, compensated by the artistic and creative part of writing), I cannot stop making schemes of everything I am discovering about the many subjects this blog is about.

In this case, I have taken advantage of the holidays to structure ideas, with the scheme I show you below as a result below:


The Levels of “Self”

There are many things we do not know about ourselves, that may seem distant but actually they are close to us or inside us, to be more accurate. During all the time I have been working “on me” I have been able to distinguish and differentiate different levels of “consciousness” like the ones showed in the diagram above and widely known by everybody.

Our inner being: It is our soul. It is “located” (assuming it is physically possible to locate at) between the lower bodies and what we call our Higher Self or higher levels of oneself. Basically, I perceive it “above” my causal body, controlling all mental, emotional, ethereal and physical bodies from that level.

Analytical mind: one of the levels of the mind that rules thoughts, the logical process and the conscious wakefulness, mainly through the neocortex´s left hemisphere.

Ego: Management program and a set of personalities we use to interact with the outside world. It almost always takes control of our lives, making us behave in such a way that our “survival” (physical, mood, emotional, etc.) is protected. You have to keep it under control.

Subconscious mind: The main creator of our reality as such, its thoughts, “vibrations”, etc., it is what we finally end up attracting towards us when we do not manifest the reality we want from our conscious or analytical mind. It is another level of the mind.

The inner child: A sort of hard to locate at component, with some kind of life on its own and that we all carry within us, it is related with the simultaneousness of time and the active presence of all we have been and we are being at different levels of reality, and whose influence is still noticed -a lot- in us. I will speak more about it in future articles.

The collective unconscious: The sum of all the “minds” of the whole planet, it is the creator of the “matrix”, the common reality agreed by everybody and the one we live most of the times. The connection with the collective unconscious is conducted through either the preconscious or unconscious mind -another level of the human psique.

Two Paths, same destiny

As you can see, there are two “paths” ending up in the same place, in the source of EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS (you can name as you wish). The first path is meditation. Through the heart chakra we have a spot we conveniently call the door to other dimensions and corresponds to what Gurdjieff called the lower Spiritual Center, through which we have access to deeper states of consciousness expanded to other realities, out of this space-time continuum. It is through here where we access to the connection with our Higher Self, our spiritual guides, other beings, other dimensions, other universes. It is a way of going deeper each time, moving our consciousness from the forehead chakra to the heart chakra.

However, how it is above, it’s below, and the second path that take us directly to the same place -that is, the astral projection, the astral travels- is another tool so our consciousness and lower bodies -once released from the physical body- can access to those same higher dimensions, connecting with our guides and Higher Self, etc. At this point, we are entering the exploration of the subtle bodies, the consciousness, the astral plane and other higher planes.

And yet, you will see that I drew a third line for this connection with those we call our guides and Higher Self. This can be (and it is) done through the simple combination of meditation-visualization, directly from the third-eye consciousness, or by using the crown chakra and creating a communication channel “directly” with these realities, in combination with the use of the pineal gland and the pituitary gland.

So much to explore

The evolutionary path of each one can start from anywhere around the scheme, although personally all begun by working with the part inside the red-dotted box: this “3-D” time-pace. My first book explores the part of the diagram that I mentioned as “Experiences, Life” and basically is about how to find our mission in life and be happy with what we do. What happens is that, having seen the potential of everything there is, I started working with that part of the diagram (analytical mind- ego- collective subconscious and unconscious) to understand much better how our reality works. From there, the second book came out, “The Power of Intuition”, which also has been published (in spanish).

Now, with this part of the diagram already “finished” I am writing two more books, one about the inner path (meditation) that is well advanced, and another about the outer path (astral travels) that I am just about to start investigating to. There is so much to explore and, even better, the more we dig in, the more exciting the journey is turns.

An incomplete scheme

Needless to say, this scheme does not intend to be “the truth of everything that exists” neither I have any intention on asking anyone to believe it or that this has always been this way. I am sure there can be many other connections I have not discovered yet, or perhaps for other people this metaphysical relation does not occur this way. I do not know. As for me, this representation is finally the sum of all the loose ends I have found in the last years. If this is useful to somebody, welcome aboard.

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