Searching for channels for high-density energy


In the monastery where the teacher taught and the disciple studied, classes were succeeded regularly and the young student who had perfectly understood the lesson the teacher had told him about the gardeners of the Earth, returned a few days later with multiple questions and doubts.

-Master-, -about what you told us-, said the young apprentice, -that thing on Earth about that humans had to anchor a mesh, a frequency mantle to prepare the planet for the level jump, for the change in density… could you tell me how many humans are needed to It? Can I be one of them?-.

-Look my little, I’m going to explain something to you-, the old man replied, -of the total number of inhabitants, of beings, entities, people, who are inhabiting planet Earth, we could say that everyone, absolutely all, have the potential to be anchor points if they want. If all the people who are incarnate had the necessary consciousness and the vibration required to be anchor point of those new energies, we would already be on the next evolutionary level-.

-Yes master, but that does not seem possible…-, objected the young man.

-That’s right. As you well know, as not everyone have that awareness, as there is a large part of the population that have not yet reached that level, those who watch over the development of planetary change are helping to awaken those who indeed have greater potential to be. Because there are a lot of people all over the planet, a lot of people who are anchoring but don’t know what they’re doing. They are not aware that their energetic bodies are necessary and that they are able to be a pillar to sustain the new evolutionary level… that’s why you have to help them wake up…-.

-I understand Master, but then… are there any minimum number of people who are necessary for it…?-.

-I can’t tell you for sure my young student because the negative counterpart, the other side who is working so that all this does not happen, they are also a lot, and for this reason, you have to counteracts that energy load, and overcome it. I could tell you that there are a couple of hundred thousand people who today, from the entire population of the planet, have the necessary level to act as energy fasteners…-.

-Alone…- sighed the young monk…

-However, if that number of people work at the highest level, wake up, understand their role and get to it, only with that group could be finish anchoring that energy mesh that would then help many millions more to automatically raise their level, making that then, a large part of the population, perhaps more than a half, can then reach the energy level needed to move on to the new reality-.

-And what can I do, Master? How can I prepare to help? How can I anchor energies and be a point of attachment?-.

-It’s much simpler than it looks-, the old man replied, -the first phase you already know it, is the one you’ve already studied in depth in your previous lessons and it’s nothing but balancing your energy centers. You must thoroughly clean, balance and equilibrate your energy centers. I know that it is not easy because your emotional body and your mental body are very fickle, very changeable, they are constantly subject to external influences and some manipulation, and it is not easy for a person to stay energetically balanced-.

-But without it you can’t take the next step, can you?-.

-That’s right, without it you can’t. But imagine that someone has their energy system balanced, in harmony, vibrating open, the next step is to simply focus on that energy from the heart chakra. From there you have to connect to the vibration of the new reality, because it is our fourth chakra the center that vibrates at the same frequency as the new level we want to anchor-.

-I understand… although I think I should have other energies activated first…-.

-I know what you mean little one. In other classes you have been told that in a part of our planet there are still many people who try to awaken what they call the kundalini, it’s okay, but now you don’t need that anymore, now it’s more important to focus on the energy center of the chest, on the heart, because it is the key point to the evolutionary crossing level it has a sense, I think you can understand it perfectly, which is what I’ve already told you before, it is the energy of the “new Earth” that reaches through the heart chakra. One has to focus from there and from there connect with all the energy field that is vibrating in that density. You have to put and have the will and from there connect…-.

-yes… I understand… thank you, Master-.

-I give you a reminder, young monk, a reminder that people like you and me should connect with our most divine part, with the freest, the highest, the innermost part of us right now. It’s about time. You already know. It is time for people to do so because we are at a crucial moment. I know you know, but I remind it to you. We are at a crucial time and it is very important to redouble our efforts, all that depends on that… Everything….-.

And the master entered a meditative silence hoping that his words would have made a certain dent in his young student, as they had been for him. And the young monk again became aware that everything depended on the individual work of each human being, on the connection with his most divine part, on the complete opening of his fourth energetic center and on the will simply to wish him to be a channel for that new energy that was desperately seeking how to get to Earth and how to anchor itself on the planet. Something that, no matter how few anchorage points seem to be available at this moment, had to keep trying to guarantee a wonderful future for the entire human race.

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