We all have our times of high and low, in which, either we are super productive, cheerful and wasting activity, or we are eager to lie down on the couch and laze around no matter how much we have to do. It is not difficult, in the first case, to feel highly motivated when we find ourselves in one of those peaks of our production cycle, the complicated thing, obviously, is to find the motivation to start doing things when we travel through the valleys of those same periods.

Without belittling the times when we all need rest, mental and physical, and in which we can be involved in this kind of state, it is dangerous to fall into the spiral of “I don’t feel like doing anything, I don’t do anything, I accumulate the list of things to do, I am overwhelmed by the list of things to do, I lose the desire to do anything” and start over. For those of you who, besides taking a longer nap than usual, need a push to pull one’s socks up, here are some ideas.

Motivating from external factors

Getting to work to do something when we don’t have the energy to do it requires an enormous effort of discipline, especially when there is no special rush or pressure to do what we have pending. One way to start is, without a doubt, to look for external pressures that can force us to start doing so. Although few people would be willing to advance delivery dates, meeting times, project completion, etc, suddenly having less time to finish a task is an extremely powerful motivator that can get us out of the mood of I don’t feel like doing anything”. You may still not feel like it, but if instead of two days you have four hours, it’s more than likely you’ll get to do it. The matter is to start up, to get us out of passive mental state and to activate again the productive machinery, either to make a report, to fix a piece of furniture or to wash the dishes.

Motivating from internal factors

Another way to re-activate ourselves is to leave aside, in principle, all that bores us and just focus on doing something we like very much. We have to compensate for the lack of productive spirit with the passion and fun that makes us do something we like. Finding that little activity which fills us with joy and elevates our mood, is just what you need to then be able to put into practice those other things that you don’t want at all.

Motivating yourself leaving the valleys quickly

It is also possible to motivate yourself by being aware that you are at the lowest point in our energetic and productive state of the day, week or month. The idea is consciously to carry out those activities that positively recharge us and return us to a better state of mind. Everyone can always have at hand a few of these little activities: listening to our favorite music, going out to play sports, playing with our children, taking a bath in the sea, etc.

Spending a day doing nothing is not bad on its own, and it can even be necessary and beneficial. The downside is falling into apathetic routines that lead us to feel less and less anxious to work, whatever it may be. So, if you are in one of those periods, try to get out as quickly as possible in the most comfortable way, and you will feel again full, motivated and ready to continue your activity.