Sending energy to the rest of our simultaneous incarnations


These days that I am investigating the mechanism of many energy therapies, I though the other day of performing a meditation, perform a full energy recharge and turn the energy around to send it back to the rest of my incarnations via my “golden thread” or Hara line to my Higher Self, and from there, to distribute as needed it between the rest of my simultaneous incarnations.

It seemed to me something really useful and easy to do, besides, it can be done with any type of energy, so I hereby explain in detail what I wanted to do.

Channelling energy

Any sort of technique used to direct energy, like reiki, sanergia (healing/health-energy), reconnection, etc, can be useful. Even if we don’t use any of these techniques, the simple fact and intention to visualize we’re receiving that energy from “the universe” is worthy and enough.

What we do (at least what I tried to) is to use that energy, coming to us via our crown chakra and normally directed towards hand chakras to apply in others, then redirect it to the golden cord or Hara line (mentally, it’s simply performed through person’s intention and will).

When pointing the energy to the golden cord, what we’re doing is sending energy “up above”, to our Higher Self. If we keep mentally “pumping” that energy, what we’re doing is allowing a strong stream of high-frequency energy to reach “up there”, power which can be used to self-heal ourselves at other levels (maybe is not something that’s needed, but that wasn’t my goal either more than seeing the mechanism of how it could work) .

Simultaneous lives

Knowing that what we “see” when a Higher Self projects simultaneously in multiple incarnations is an high number of Hara or golden cords, getting out at the same time from our Higher Self and each of them towards one of the lives we have currently incarnated, whichever time or historical period it is, the energy we’d be sending upwards via our cord would be extremely useful if it could re-allocated to these other cords, hence reaching those lives of ours we might be experiencing anywhere and whenever else.

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True self-healing

By using this way of sending energy to ourselves, to the rest of our incarnations, we’re empowering all of these other lives’ energetic systems, probably healing simultaneously many of the same things at the same time, therefore self-healing and self-reinforcing us in some level.

When performing my meditation, I got a magnificent feeling while channelling that energy and “pumping” it up above, I could visualize how it was being directed through my other incarnations and I could reach them. There’s not much I can say about it since these are emotions of my own, but to me it appeared effective and really valid to repeat it periodically. If someone tries it out please comment, to see what you think.

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