One of the reasons why many beings who have completed their evolutionary cycle beyond the processes that govern the evolution of human beings become guides of others who are still in that process, is because their own evolution and path advance more quickly when they dedicate themselves to the service of other beings, by a simple act and conscious decision to choose a way of helping the rest. Basically, the same decision exists at any level of evolution that we can consider, so that we too, in our life, have the option of consciously choosing a path of service to oneself, or a path of service to others.

Evolution and parallel learning

Do not pre-judge that dedicated service to oneself is a wrong way. Not at all. It is a learning that entails another way of understanding life, doing only what seems to benefit us, and ceasing to do, or at least, not worrying about, of what could benefit others. The experiences and lessons that one collects from living with the perspective of service to oneself are different, but they are important, although in this case, they are within what we could call a “negative” polarity and associated with all the things that we label as selfishness, just thinking about oneself, etc. It is difficult to obtain from someone who lives only for their own benefit something good, from our point of view, but if we look at entities for example of other levels that have evolved through this path, we see that have reached the same evolutionary point as others that have done through service to others, only they have “taken” much more time.

The evolutionary path of service to others is not only faster, but also tends to be more comforting. It requires much less effort and work to live to lend a hand, to live consciously not to do so, because the opportunities of service are always infinite, and it is necessary a great awareness on the path chosen (service to ourself) to be constantly eluding and “escaping” from these opportunities.

Conscious Choice

However, as obvious as this may seem, the vast majority of people have not consciously chosen either of the two paths. There is a difference between evolving knowing in which path we are (consciously) that if we simply participate in one or the other side once in a while without realizing what we are doing. This is a conscious choice in all cases. If you decide today if you want to live one way or another, you have just heard the starting gun of the acceleration of the learning that remains to be done. As long as we don’t realize and we don’t decide we won’t put the turbo speed.

Service to others

Let us not think that choosing a path of service to others means becoming missionaries, saints or characters of which everyone takes advantage. Dedicating yourself to doing something for others is something that can be done in any job, in any profession or in any activity you are involved in, earning a salary for it and leaving on vacation when you feel like it. The difference is the mentality, being aware of why we do what we do and keeping in mind that we want it to benefit people in one way or another. The intent is what makes the difference, not the shape or environment in which we move.

Choose your way soon, being aware of it and having the intention to follow it to the end, it is what helps us to grow as people, as beings and as entities, and then everyone enjoys doing what they do during the process.