The world is changing fast and there is a great thirst for knowledge and for answers to the questions that haunt us when we are in the path of our personal and spiritual evolution, or as a Facebook reader said, when we realize how truth awakens within us faster and more often each time.

I know that many of you when you send me questions or comments by email, you are looking forward to make public your vision of life and share all you are now perceiving. That means that little by little, we are all wishing to find the channel of expression that allows an output of our spiritual anxieties.

I also know that for many of you, sharing your interest regarding certain topics can clash with your personal environment, and that restrains you from discussing openly certain subjects, asking questions or try to get together with people who think as you do. But in a way, sooner or later, we have to “come out of the closet”.

What people will say? I fully understand the dilemma. How can I tell my friends that I am involved in this mess of chakras, astral travels, meditations, research on extraterrestrials, connection with guides and spirits, working with universal energies, reiki, past lives, reading akashic files and so on?

Well, maybe you would be surprised if you did, and you would find much more support than you think you have right now. There are so many people interested in these subjects who think that others are not, that they keep their knowledge, opinions and experiences so as not to be classified as “freaky”, the least. The funny thing is that, suddenly, you’re having dinner with friends or family and you drop some of these issues almost without realizing it, and you see how everyone is interested or even knows about it. Believe me, I’ve been there, the need to transmit and share is present everywhere. The whole world needs that all those who seek answers without stopping, share their experiences and come out of the closet, once and for all.

I love writing, it’s a passion, and that’s why I have this blog, but all of you can transmit the same that I try to transmit, in a way that resonates with you. Nobody adopts the position of the teacher or the guru who knows everything, here we are all learning. Each post of this blog is an experience lived, integrated and then explained in case it may be useful to somebody else.

The more you share with people who are on the same road, the faster we all will evolve. Two ways to share and evolve:

Reveal information

I consider that we have two ways of transmitting information so that others begin or find support in their “evolution” and “awakening” path. The first one is the disclosure of what is really happening “out there”. The process of disseminating information is vital to open our mind to other possible “realities”, not to believe everything that mass media sells to us and to understand that many times we are being manipulated for the benefit of a few. The information in this field is ferocious and overwhelming. You don’t have to believe everything, but to be open to believe other interpretations may be true.

Raise awareness / promote personal evolution.

The second way is to work hard on all that may help others to advance in their path. It is more or less the line that I follow, because, although I am always tempted to publish news and ideas discovered by others, I think there is a huge number of blogs and pages that already disseminate all that information. This other line tries to complement the first, and its mission is to support the personal work of each one with experiences, suggestions and practices. Both are necessary, and if you feel tempted to go out and join any of these lines of work, Humanity will thank you. The more you get inside your own path, the more information you receive and the more research areas open up.

If you want to walk faster, come out of the closet, let your interests and concerns be known and you will begin to attract all you need, and who you need, to join you on this wonderful path of spiritual evolution.

See you at the next stop.