A very interesting thing to analyze when we see that a person, at the Higher Self level, advances in its growth thanks to the influence of all its simultaneous incarnations, is the study of its future incarnations, it means, those that existing currently from the point of view of our HS, for us they have not happened yet in our current timeline, but these “are” in our “future”.

Incarnations spread over different timelines

Not only can we ask the HS of a person if It has an active incarnation currently, for example, in the year 2050, but also if It has it in the same timeline of the person for whom we are reading or in a different one. As we have said many times, there are multiple timelines and different parallel realities, but just some of them are considered “main” at the level of humanity as a whole, so that we can say that only two or three of them coexist strongly with our current line and have a global impact on the evolution of the planet, the others are “hooked” to these main lines and are considered “attached” or secondary realities that follow the general tone of the main line.

Connecting with these other incarnations

Let’s imagine, it turns out that our Higher Self keeps 8 active incarnations which have not been born yet for us, in the same time line where we exist now, it turns out that with the exercise of “connecting with our Future Self” we could go and ask the other incarnation what happened for example in 2020 in his/her “past”. I’ll explain.

At the same as I said, with this exercise we can tune in with our own Future Self (you in a year, 10 or 40), what we can do is “tune in” with another of our incarnations, that exists in 30 or 100 years and “ask him/her “ ( all of this is in a meditation, not as a phone call) for example what happened in his/her “story” when this future incarnation was “young”.

As we are in the same timeline of events (hence we must connect with an incarnation of our own future “reality”), we could bring information about key events that are going to happen (have happened), considering that then our decisions and free will not deviate us much from the timeline with which we have connected so that then we won’t “live” that which has been explained to us, but rather another version of ourselves will live it.

I guess it sounds a little like science fiction, but it’s really very simple to do it and can be very useful. I am pending to do it, I know through my HS to which incarnation I must “ask” and I find it extremely fascinating if it produces the expected results. Take in account that we are in a moment of important changes at the level of evolutionary “paths”, so that the big time lines of the planet can change to one side or another, and therefore, I, at this moment, could end up connected or living on a different timeline to that of the incarnation which I would currently be “bound” in the future time. If that happens, I would simply have to check if in the possible new “reality” in which I find myself, there is some simultaneous future incarnation with which I can connect, and do the exercise again.

Anyway, all a conundrum for the lovers of the quantum physics, the parallel realities and the “travels” (mental) within the time.