Simultaneous perception of the past, present and future


One of the aspects that we find harder to understand when we talk about the concept of time is that, at a level that we cannot currently perceive, everything is happening simultaneously. Past, present and future coexist in an “eternal now” for those points of view that are outside the level in which we are, where our mental and vibrational construction, makes us perceive the time as a lineal succession of events and occurrences, which, in fact, if we saw them from another point of view outside these time-space constraints, we would see that they are all happening simultaneously.

Time on a vinyl record

To help change this line perception imagine that the whole of our existence, of all the lives we have had, we are having and will have, are like songs from a CD or a vinyl record.

Each of the songs recorded on this album represents one of our incarnations, one of our lives. For us, some songs are “before,” and we call them “past” lives, and others are “later” on the record, and we call them “future” lives. However, for the beings or entities, and even for ourHigher Self, all the songs are already happening at once, all are within the same disc, all are already recorded and all are simultaneous. The only thing that determines which point of the disc is the “present” is where the needle or laser reading is located, that is, where your “consciousness” is focused at this moment. All that you perceive now is your “present,” all that is “before” is your past, and all that is afterwards, is your future. If we look at it in the same “song”, it is past events and future events that we have already heard or that have not yet “sounded”, if these are tracks or parallel songs, they are lives that we have left behind, and others that are still to come.

Modifying Past and future

When we make predictions about the future or read past lives, we are accessing through our consciousness, to other tracks of the disc that are perfectly active in their own frame of reference. Can past and futures be modified? Perfectly. You only have to focus your consciousness or point of reference on one of those tracks or songs on the CD, and make any changes you want in it. When we heal blockages that come from simultaneous lives (with Akashic healing), we are doing just this.

Depending on the access point in which you have intervened, you will have created a wave of events that will modify each other as dominoes by changing the whole song. If you have any questions about how our “hyperdimensional Friends” manipulate events in our reality, you only have to imagine how from a higher plane you can perceive 100% of the planet’s CD on a global level, and access any point of it without any effort, introduce certain changes, and let the chain of reactions follow its course. And we wouldn’t notice anything, as our present would have been updated automatically, in some of the parallel temporal microsurcs that co-exist simultaneously on Earth.

Creating “Parallel Tracks”

What happens is that when you access another point in space time and modify it, what you’re doing is create in many cases a parallel song equal or almost equal to the current song you were modifying, in which some events have already happened (are and enrolled in the vinyl groove and are part of a part of that life-song) and new ones are generated as a result of the modification.

These new duplicate songs are what in the previous post I commented on parallel lives in other dimensions. Each time you modify an event that we perceive as the past, you can generate a new parallel line of that event, as well as the timeline that we know can be altered. And we must modify an event from the past which we could see consequences in our present, or not see anything because the song has been “unfolded” and a new “groove” has been generated where these changes are manifested.

Everything is accessible at the same time

Thus, it is perfectly feasible to connect with yourFuture Self within your own groove, which has in turn multiple sub-furrows that represent the many possibilities you have to come. Those sub-furrows (all within the same current song), appear and disappear as you progress through life and manifest some events or others depending on your free will, but at some level of a super vinyl disc, all possibilities are already ” Recorded “, but, they are almost infinite, so all you have to do is put your needle in the sub-groove that suits you best, to direct your life for the part of the song you want. This is what we do when we deal with the themes of conscious creation of our reality, we choose the most appropriate sub-groove in every moment so that the song we want is created.

And the same for the other songs, our other incarnations. You can connect with a past song, a past life according to our point of view, simultaneous from the point of view of our Higher Self with all the others, and perceive things that are happening in that furrow. It doesn’t matter if our character in that other life supposedly has died, in fact, already deceased in one part of the song, but you can go to the part of that song you want and “read it” or change it. We do not have the potential for it on a large scale, we don’t , but beings or entities outside the limitations of our 3D environment do. It is to be hoped that, at some point, we perceive equally all the temporal space continuum as what it is, an eternal now happening all at the same moment.

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