As you have already seen by the different entries we have published on the subject of Akashic Healing, we can investigate and work with a person in a thousand combinations, both by making a general reading and solving the most “big” problems as well as by asking the smaller detail in relation to a specific situation. It is from this last topic that I want to talk to you.

Overcoming specific problems

Some of the people for whom I have read have asked again if I could help them with something more specific. The answer is yes, and we have done so. How specific? As much as one wants.

We all have problems and situations in life that sometimes bring us upside down, they are real obstacles, we do not understand where they come from or we do not see how to overcome them. In many cases they are related to our main lessons in life, in other occasions they are the result of bad decisions, of large clusters of negativity projected on us, of false beliefs or limitations that we possess, of restrictions or blockages created with the passing of years, etc.

And we can find everything: a health problem in the back that prevents us from sleeping for days can have its origin in 10 energy problems in all the different levels that make up the “whole” of what we are. It may be one or two blocked chakras combined with “karma”, with negative thought forms anchored in our aura, with a belief strongly implanted in us, with a negative thought about ourselves, with a decision in a past life, with a promise still active that we would never go back to … etc., etc.

You describe the situation

What I do in this case is to ask the person to explain the main problem: I can not find work, I do not have a partner, I have such a disease, I can not reach the end of the month despite having a certain salary, I have all kinds of problems at home, I have a physical problem, I have social problems, I can not make friends, etc., etc., etc. From here, the work is mine to investigate in the history of the person, in his Higher Self, if those blockages and restrictions are related to the specific case we want to solve. The experience so far tells me that there is never a single reason, being the most common to find multiple “blockages” for each situation that we are trying to heal.

As you can see, akashic healing can be used for anything, it is only necessary to ask and investigate, because everything is registered there, and in most cases, waiting to be healed. We deserve to have a great life, why would we be denied the possibility of getting rid of everything that is harming us if we are allowed to do so?