If it is already hard enough to handle 24 hours a day our work, family, rest, leisure and the other activities we usually do, to think and realise that it would be useful to devote a part of our time to “train ourselves” a little more in some areas of general knowledge can be a personal challenge. But it has been years since, at least personally, I’ve been realising there are some “areas” of which we should all have some notions, because literally, of them it can depend part of our experience in this life and how we prepare to face events that may fall upon us.

Material vs. Spiritual

I’m not going to say anything that you don’t already know. The balance between the material part of life and the spiritual part of it is extremely important. First because we live in a physical dimension, where things are tangible, where to get something you have to move, you have to organize, you have to set goals and you have to take steps to fulfill them. That requires mastery of the third-dimensional world, of its structures, of their system, of its dynamics. Personally I think it is important to have a minimum knowledge of how the world economy, food, health and medical system, politics and geopolitics, religions, etc., do work. Not because we must fight against these structures but the fact that they really do not fulfil the role they should meet (providing resources, healthy food, health, etc), which is truth, but because being ignorant of how and what is built in them leaves us at the mercy of those who really know and manage them. Knowing the basics of the “rules” of the “game” which is the reality in which we are immersed will helps us, if not to break them, at least to avoid some of them or to adapt them for better, and to know when “they” are trying to deceive us in a game that is not the one we had come to play.

“Spiritual” Knowledge

But on the other hand, we have to be clear with the other reality, which is not seen, which is not perceived with the rational mind and physical senses. You must realize that we live in a multidimensional system, multi-frequency, that we are not just a physical body and that we are here “playing” a little bit (longer or shorter) with the rules of the game that I told you before. It Is important to know yourself, to begin with, and to continue working on our individual development, at our pace, on our way, because to make this game go over (sooner or later) it all depends on it. Understanding the no-material reality of our existence is what gives you the key to understand the physical part, at least at levels that can lead us to the self-realization and personal satisfaction.

Still so, we can’t go to the other edge. We cannot be JUST thinking about the salvation of the soul or the dimensions of the Angels (whatever they are) because suddenly the bank in which you have all your savings is going bankrupt and you run out of resources without knowing how to react, or because tomorrow they pass a law and all the foods that come to your fridge are genetically manipulated and produce adverse effects nobody knows.

It Is necessary to understand and to know the world in which we live, not because nothing serious will happen to us (just in principle, which also depends on what kind of reality you live in), but because we are part of it, because we belong to this joint reality that we call the collective unconscious (and unless you have been able to disconnect yourself of it you will be involved in the reality that is generated from it). It’s not about creating hysteria and worry, it’s about knowing how it works the system in which you exist, in all its levels, to be able to adapt, to mold it, to avoid it or to integrate it in whatever you’ve come to experiment during your incarnation.

If we do not, we are losing the perspective of why we are here, which is nothing more than continuous learning. Knowing that we’ve come to “play” is important but knowing where we play and with what rules it is also, even more so when it seems that in these times there are players trying to shape the game according to their interests, which I doubt much that are the same as ours. There are always good books on some of the topics commented, on a global level, that will give us the minimum of info It would be nice to have to understand this world. At the end of the day, what we learn may allow us to better manage the common reality around us, and to help us to disconnect from it, at least to a certain extend, if it does not serve our purposes. You can’t change or fight against what you don’t understand, so it’s always better to read more about how the world economic system works as much as learn about the reality you exist, the energetic structure of the planet you are incarnated, the rules of the human evolutionary system, etc.,  as the best method to achieve a deep comprenhension of this difficult game.