Some "tricks" of self-protection and psychic defense


These days that I am on vacation, I am taking the time to read some of the things kept in my “pending” list for some time. There are between them some books of renowned occultists of the last century where I found many interesting references to small and simple methods of energy protection. We have to realize that some of the issues we believe are attacks or blockages are “self-generated” because we have the power to block and sabotage ourselves even if we are not aware of it. Anyway, in some cases it is correct to talk about external psychic attacks, as we already discussed few months ago in a video I have on my website where we explained briefly about passive protection. Now let’s see some complementary ideas.

Closure of the psychic centers and upper chakras

It is explained in several books that, every external psychic attack is usually perceived and received mainly by the energetic centers of the body, specially the upper chakras and smaller centers located in the head. Therefore, if we believe that we are being victims of some kind of harassment, to close and insensitize these points is one of the first steps to be taken. A very simple way to do it and that I really had not considered, is to reduce the level of blood that exists in the head by accumulating it in the lower parts of the body, for instance by eating heavy food consistent enough to keep the stomach busy for a few hours and go on eating at regular intervals in order to reduce our energy sensitivity as long as the attack lasts.

The second action may involve terribly trivial and superfluous activities focusing our energies and actions on the most material part of our day to day life. Dion Fortune gave as an example that the worse thing, for someone or something wanting to “attack you from a distance”, is when you are playing football or in a cinema watching a classic movie, because your mind is completely focused on “vain” issues, thus partially closing the reception of electromagnetic emissions generated during these psychic attacks. This is another reason why “more materialistic” people are less receptive to this kind of situations, because in their day to day, their superior energy centers are most of the time half closed and are energetically less sensible.

Protecting our energy field

Another thing I imagine you all already know is that a part of the energy we constantly lose is produced when we interact with people who absorb more of us than they provide us, hence we use the term energy thieves (or energy vampires in extreme cases) to refer to them. To avoid that while you are talking to someone, this ends up leaving you “dry”, a way to stop all electromagnetic flow coming out of you is to intertwine the palms of the hands and rest them on the third chakra, blocking it with the wrists pressing lightly on both sides of the ribs and keeping the feet together, touching each other, so you have completely closed the flow that circulates inside you creating a closed circuit by which the energy will not escape even though the other person notices that there is really no energy exchange and thinks that you are not being empathic at all. If you complement this with the visualization of bubbles, balloons, walls or any other protection between you and that person, it is unlikely that a drop of your energy radiation will escape and you will get nothing from the other person. However, the situation will certainly be uncomfortable if the other person has no idea what you are doing and why you have such a “strange” stance.

Cleaning the environment of etheric accumulations

In other cases, the fact of being a little more sensitive and feel bad somewhere, is related by the energy charge that presents that place. Many of you can not enter the subway, shopping malls or your own office because the environment is “very negatively charged. This is a product of the emission of negative etheric charge by people who are in the place, by those who enter and leave or because directly is a site with a high negativity due to its function or what is done in it. Evidently you can not go around cleaning heavy energy on the subway or any place where you do not feel at ease although you can keep your home as pure as possible.Think that many attacks at a distance are produced by the projection of etheric energies, ectoplasmic in some cases that can accumulate where you live. They can also be small elementals created to instill some kind of fear or take some specific action against us, therefore, we have to deal with it. There are many ways to energetically clean your home, you can learn in a thousand different courses, including energy visualization or work with the energies “clean” of the planet, but you can also use more common elements. For example a sound cleaning with a Tibetan bowl is tremendously effective walking with it through the house. Another type of cleaning that dissolves small concentrations of etheric energy is to dissolve a little camphor in a little vinegar and put it where you see a load floating in the “air”. This dissolves small etheric bags which are more than enough for most of the people in the world who are not involved in any kind of strange things and who are simply affected by the energies of the environment where they live and the collective unconscious that surrounds us.

Thus, with these simple little tricks, we can greatly reinforce our energy protection and be able to easily deal with most of the small problems that can affect us in these cases. But always remember that knowledge protects

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