There are many ways and techniques in which we can rely to work internally in our energy system, some serve us for some things and others for another, but almost always the simplest have all a common denominator: they only need the power of our imagination and the ability of visualization to carry them out. One of these small aids is the energy stabilization technique that I will explain today, extremely simple but very effective and is based on the use of an octahedron.

The octahedron is one of the five polyhedral convex platonic solids whose faces are regular equal polygons and whose vertices join the same number of faces. They bear the name of Plato because it seems that he was the first to study it in depth for the first time. It consists of two pyramids joined at the base and inverted from each other, so that the upper pyramid points with its vortex upwards while the lower pyramid points downwards. Both are linked base to base, they interconnect with each other. You can see it in the picture below:


The octahedron esoterically symbolizes things like the union of heaven and earth, the balance of polarities, the balance of male and female energies, etc. The properties of this figure are mainly related to the balance, because at the junction point of both bases a stable field is created due precisely to the balance of the different vectors that form the 8 faces of the polyhedron, that is, that everything that is inside, as you can see in the figure of the drawing, it is located within a space (real or imaginary) that maintains harmony and stability.

That is why this type of geometrical figure is going to be useful to work internally in our energetic stabilization, especially if we are in a moment of tension, nerves, stress, if we are scrambled from top to bottom or if we have been attacked by some non-physical bug and our energetic system is not configured. It also helps us if we are going to a place full of tension where people or the environment are “about to jump,” where very charged things are happening that we don’t want to be affected of, etc. To give you an idea, where the sea is rough, the octahedron protects us and stabilizes us.

Using the power of visualization

Using this technique is very simple, it only requires a little practice to learn how to correctly visualize the figure. Whether we believe it or not, the fact of visualizing in our mind how this polyhedron is built, with us inside, generates the electromagnetic field with the right shape so that, by being at its center, we can keep our energy system in an stable and independent environment.

The process first involves visualizing the top pyramid. Imagine the four faces of the pyramid building around you, covering you completely and whose base cuts you more or less by the waist, so that the base of the other pyramid, the bottom, also gets hooked to that height leaving you in the middle of the octahedron whether you’re standing or sitting. Then visualize the lower pyramid and try to perceive both joined pyramids and you within them.

Then, if you wish, you can project your own thoughts of calm, tranquility and peace into the polyhedron reinforcing the natural field that this figure creates with your intention. It is very simple and when you have done it several times you will be able to immediately surround yourself with an octahedron in any situation where you need a calm space to shelter.