The article Give and absorb energy that I published several months ago, is having a lately a lot of comments about people who feel totally “emptied” when they meet others, and, although the term “energy vampire” was only a metaphor to explain this “theft” (exchange) of energy that occurs when we meet other people, always at the unconscious level, but always systematically, causing us to speak about people who are able to ”remove” this force from other people consciously.

In that previous post I commented on some form of personal protection that we could use when it seems that people around you leave you completely exhausted and tired after interacting with them, but I had made no reference to how to stay centered and calm at all times, well “rooted” and connected with ourselves, so that neither people nor external effects (electromagnetic influences coming from outside) affect us. One of the ”tools” at our disposal is to strengthen the connection with the Earth’s energy field.

The root chakra

Many of you know, and if you don’t, I’ll say so, that the base or root chakra of the human body, one of the seven primary vortices that make up or maintain the energy system of each of us, is the one that keeps us united and connected, so to speak, to the Earth, to the planet in which we live. The root chakra is the connection with the energy of the Earth, nature, and everything that represents our relationship with the environment in which we exist. The interaction of our energy systems with that of the Earth gives us the feeling of being centered, rooted, well attached to the ground, stable (physically and mentally) and aligned. When you feel connected to the ground you tread, it’s hard for anything that happens around that will make you lose that feeling of stability and control.

Channeling energies

Just as a lightning rod absorbs electricity from storms and buries them at the bottom of the Earth to redirect this energy to where it does not cause damage, our human body can do the same with everything that bothers us. That bombardment of frequencies emitted by other people, by electrical devices, by radio and television stations, in short, by all that we have around us, can be easily brought back to the ground through us, where the planetary consciousness and its energetic structure will already be in charge of transmuting those energies and frequencies into anything other than harmful.

If you feel overloaded, “attacked” due to the presence of other people, pounded by all sorts of electromagnetic waves, you only need to “imagine” that all of that mishmash of energies you are receiving are being sent down, towards the soles, and are lost into the planet undersoil. In turn, imagine the Earth’s energy “anchors“ to you through your root chakra, which keeps you well balanced, and that this imaginary ”connection” has a double meaning.

On one hand, visualize coming into you, a force and energy from the planet that helps you, and on the other hand, imagine that you send to it all that is harmful. Unfortunately, in our cities the electromagnetic spectrum around us is so powerful that every day we are being “attacked” by these thousands of radiations, so use this method to get rid of them and to re-balance your energy system with another kind of purer and more beneficial type of energy.

Energy transmutation

That our planet is capable of turning any kind of energy frequency into another totally harmless one for us, is the basis of many “spiritual” therapies and practices, healing or self-protection. For example, it is common for people who practice hands-on healing, they can “absorb” through their energy system the “harmful energy” which has caused illness in the other person (it is based on the premise that in the disease there are negative elements in the energy system of the person which cause the human body not be able to heal by itself, of course leaving aside the help the physical body can receive by traditional medicine). This healer cannot in any way keep that “negative” energy residue in his body, so he normally visualizes and executes “sending” that energy to the ground, to be absorbed by the planet.

Use your imagination

Whenever you can, or whenever you need it, imagine your legs and feet as those conduits that connect you to the Earth. Send down everything that may be bothering you, those sensations, those burdens (you can, for example, use your breath and think that with every breath everything you don’t need is lost in the undersoil, and with every inspiration, a handful of fresh energy comes from the planet to you). First, you will feel liberated from burdens, second, you will feel comforted, centered, aligned and with a feeling of being strongly rooted to the planet. And that’s a great feeling when we can keep it all day.