One of the things I’ve always liked to discuss with friends is the existence or not of aliens. It’s funny, because there are always in your group those who think we’re alone in the universe, those who think we can’t logically be alone but haven’t been here yet, those who think it’s all just a Hollywood conspiracy to frighten us with invasions, and those who believe, or know, that we’ve been visited for millions of years by dozens of different races of both polarities and who don’t intend to leave here too soon.

Since you can never prove anything to anyone, these kind of discussions will end up diluted like sugar in coffee (as a song says) and everyone gets their own opinion. Me, if someone wants to talk about it, I can present my personal vision while we drink a virtual coffee letting our opinions be diluted and shared without knowing who will be right or wrong.

Races of both polarities of other planetary system

Basically I’m not talking about extraterrestrials, the name sounds too much like film to me and I usually talk about off-planet races or entities of other planetary systems, which you can already see is the same, but has a different vibration. First I can tell you about my experience with these entities in the “negative” part, because as a therapist, Me, like other colleagues, have met more than once some of these entities of higher evolutionary level, but of opposite polarity, anchored to a person’s energy system, without seeing them, and we have had to deal with them in order to expel them. Here you can study the work of Stephane Cardinaux or Dr. Corrado Malanga, who are experts on the subject at the level of healing.

Then on a more personal level in these past life regression sessions that I’ve been doing for a while, as important material always comes out, we’ve had to deal with a few visits of this kind and try to prevent these encounters. In different sessions certain entities appeared at etheric level to block the work we were doing, I had to expel blocking certain chakras in the person I had on the stretcher because I was trying to enter to expel the “guide” we were channeling (you can read Dolores Cannon, because we use the same technique, or at least very similar by what I have read about her). Then I have had different lucid dreams where I have seen the most popular cast of those who run around here and that everyone calls reptilians (but they have a different name, as you will understand they are not called “reptilians” themselves) and they are basically the ones who are currently pulling the strings and are the ones who have agreements with our governments. Fortunately I have not had to deal with any physical level, thanks to the protection, I intuit, that we have of our guides and other beings from other planes of the same evolutionary level, but positive polarity. So personally, and the truth is that some time ago I stopped caring if it seemed ridiculous or not, I know what moves around here and what we have to face if we want to move the planet to a higher evolutionary and frequency level.

What happens is that when you talk about reptilian beings, greys or mantoids, we’re talking about the physical configuration they have, because this is like talking about humanoids, it doesn’t tell you what polarity they have or where they come from, and that doesn’t help much. There are races with a “reptoid” appearance (natural evolution from that anthropomorphic configuration) that have a positive orientation of service to others, but do not show themselves precisely because there is no “positive” race that is going to violate the free will of the human race. They monitor us, help us and guide us, but it is a sacred rule for anyone who considers themselves on the side of the “good” not to get into where you are not be called.

On the different races that today walk around the planet both physically and etherically, you will find a lot of literature in ufology books in a generic way, of casual encounters that people have had, of military bases where they live and work side by side with these human races, and so on. All this is more than true, although we have to deal with disinformation programs generated in this regard to get rid of the earth, but you can get used to the idea that for a millennia there have been all kinds of races around here that do not have our welfare as their main objective, to say it in a way.

But we don’t have to care about this either

However, as curious as it may seem, it doesn’t have any importance, it really doesn’t because we don’t depend on them to advance in our evolutionary path. In fact, this is what a “guide” told us in a regression session:

David: Well, one more question, on the other side, how conscious is the power that these entities have to block the passage of the planet, generically?

Guide: Are you referring to the other side of the coin? If they are aware of their power to block?

D: Yes

G: Yes, they are conscious, but look, they are also afraid…..

D: Fear of not getting it?

G: Yes, … I think they are more afraid than we are, which makes me very happy.

D: In fact, of course, there are several factions fighting between each other, so they are not united like us

G: Exactly David, very well

D: That was easy to deduce

G: But watch out, we’re also making our alliances, we don’t have to be naive, that’s why we’re here right now.

And in another session they answered me this to the question of how they saw things on the frequency level of the planet for the change of density:

G: Critical situation, not impossible, only critical. Look David, you have to understand that it’s like the birth of a baby, some are born sideways, some with forceps, some with cesarean… Do you understand David?

D: I do

G: We are all working for the birth to take place in a harmonious and natural way, and for that we are working with you humans, with you who are already awake, to use that word you use. It is to encourage you. These sessions are also to give you encouragement, courage, so that you can empower yourself without being afraid, there is no need to be afraid. Do you know those stories of espionages and conspiracies? Yes, they do exist, but who cares? You have to do what you have to do. You know that if the physical body dies you don’t die. And that is the greatest fear of humans. Do you understand David?

Positive polarity

On the other hand, let us not believe that we could make this evolutionary leap if it were not for the millions of beings who have entered the planet and for their race level counterparts who help from outside. This sounds like science fiction to some, perhaps, but you can imagine that when a “soul” comes to lend a hand, it doesn’t just come empty-handed to see what it can do. At this time, there are millions of beings incarnating to work from within, possibly many of you are one of them and perhaps you are not yet aware, but is that your “little groups” of origin are somewhere up there walking and assisting those of theirs who have entered a physical body, because then free will is not violated and you can then work for the frequency jump.

And according to that, I asked in another session:

D: Also another thing that strikes me is that there are so many races helping because I imagine that this is like a carambola, if we raise the level and change the type of energy we emit, probably this energy, like waves in the water, will positively affect many other planets.

Guide: Right David

D: If we do not go up, certain energies that are necessary for other planets are not produced.

Guide: Correct

D: Do these waves affect the entire Milky Way?

Guide: Yes David

D: But are there different solar systems in different parts of the galaxy in the same situation?

Guide: Yes

D: Simply in our corner of the Milky Way what we emit or don’t emit is going to affect the whole neighborhood…

Guide: Right, I know it is difficult to understand, but even if they are waves that arrive with very little movement, they always affect…

D: That’s why you need us to emit other kinds of waves because your systems, or your planets, or your places of origin need these waves in some way…

Guide: Yes, exact

So now you can see that we are receiving a lot of help because it is very important for other groups that the Earth of this frequency and vibratory jump and otherwise do not produce certain energy “carambolas” at the galactic level that are needed for other system. For this, millions of people, wanderers, native souls, and ETs of the “good ones” are leaving their horns to move people to a positive and ideal timeline that takes us directly to the next evolutionary level, while millions of other people and negative entities are doing the opposite, trying to impose their timeline where we stay as we are and/or we are going to get worse, something that they are not going to achieve no matter how hard they try.

“Disclosure”, making the world see that “aliens” exist

On the other hand, there are millions of people who are working to force our governments to unveil the agreements that exist with these negative races and trying to bring to light that they exist, that they carry here a lot, that they are responsible for the chaos that this planet has become, etc. If ever this happens to materialize and manifest, you can imagine that, if really and finally these races are “openly shown” to the public in a massive way, as in the thousands of films that you have all seen on TV, it will not be the positive races that will appear with their ships, but precisely the others, so the show can be spectacular and counterproductive, basically because of the fear they would generate in the population of the planet because it would lower the vibration frequency of many people very much, preventing them from maintaining a sufficient level for the density jump, and because our governments would probably use these manifestations in their favor, presenting them as “saviors of humanity”.

Who knows, all these are possibilities, things that could happen because they are in different timelines that we have ahead of us and that will depend on how things go in the next few years. In any case, as I was saying, let everyone feel free to see this subject as they like and let the sugar in the coffee when it dissolves help to keep an open mind and create what we create about these planetary visitors.