The process of death, going from a period we call between lives and subsequent reincarnation is a quite accepted fact by a majority of people, cultures and traditions. Not everyone believes that there is something beyond our physical body, but it only takes a little personal development to see that we are much more than just a piece of organic matter. Some of us who already have our personal evidence of reincarnation and who we are, in many cases we do not also have too clear how this whole process works which is not simple at all because it’s been tremendously planned and well defined, and it’s much more complex than in many occasions we could think.

The four subtle bodies

The human being is composed of several subtle bodies that overlap the physical body and interpenetrate with each other. Besides the dense, the chemical and the organic body that is the physical body, are the so-called etheric or vital body, the emotional, the mental and the causal body. The latter, the causal body, is what people usually define as soul since it is the only body that surrounds it and that is used as a “suit” in the periods between lives, but they are two different bodies, although the definitions vary according to the line you are studying.

The process of death

When it’s time to leave the physical plane, the first thing that happens is that the etheric, the emotional, the mental and the causal body leave, usually by the part of the head, the chemical body. In those first moments, we continue being “we” for complete, we simply don’t have an organic vehicle to worry about anymore. Over the next three days or so, the etheric or vital body will disintegrate. It occurs what we know as the “first desoma, that is, the “first death has occurred and we leave everything that doesn’t serve us behind of the dense part of our life. Since the etheric body only serves as “energy mold” of the physical body since the physical body does not exist, the vital body is also not necessary anymore. Still, this etheric body that still possesses energetic remnants of all the experiences lived by the physical body passes them to the next subtle body before disintegrating (through the seed atom) the emotional body, so in this emotional body we carry a very important burden of information about the physical and etheric part of our former incarnation.

Desoma is the name given to the activation of a soma (a vehicle of manifestation). Desoma represents the change of the level of manifestation of Consciousness (Principle of Consciousness) through the deactivation and elimination of one of its vehicles of manifestation similar to a reptile molting its skin for example.

The second desoma on the mental plane

While the death of the body occurs on the physical plane, the disintegration of the vital body on the etheric plane occurs, the next step in the process of leaving an incarnation is already done on the mental plane. This is when we cross that “tunnel” of light and appear in one of the regions of the lower planes of this mental plane. Like every evolutionary level, it is divided into seven major regions, being the first three regions the so-called lower mental, the fourth region the belief system, and the next three regions the high mental. It is depending on the evolutionary level of each one, when crossing and leaving the etheric plane, that we appear in the zone that corresponds to us by frequency of vibration.

At this time, the soul bears the entire causal, mental, emotional body and the energetic/experiential charge of the etheric body. It is what some occult traditions call “the seed atom”, which would become something like the basic energy content containing all the information of the subtle body in question. Thus our emotional body carries a “seed atom” or energetic charge of the previous etheric body that will serve the Higher Self of the person to prepare in the future the physical mold of his new incarnation.

In those moments the person goes through a period of life review, in which we review and feel again mainly because it is done through the emotional body, everything that has happened to us in the incarnation we just left behind. While we are doing this review a cleansing with the Higher Self is also happening at the same time, a cleansing of what is no longer necessary and transfers all the information and energy charge you want to use again from the emotional body to the mental body. It is producing what is called the second desoma, the second death. In astral projection courses one can also learn to project oneself with the etheric body on one’s shoulders with the emotional and mental body or only with the mental body. The less “burden” you carry, the “higher” you can “climb” in the internal planes.

Now, that soul is wrapped only by the causal body and by the mental body and by the two “seed atoms” or energetic remnants of the etheric body and the emotional body of the previous life or lives, I mean, with everything he has decided to maintain for the next incarnation.

The preparation of the new life, the mental plane

The next step in the process takes place on the next level of the internal planes, at the top of the so-called mental plane. Also divided into 7 sub-levels, the first four levels are associated with ideas and concepts related to thought and the concrete mind, while the three higher levels are associated with mind and abstract thought. From here the archetypal forces are born , concepts, ideas that will then fall into the physical plane to take shape and manifest as the world we know.

It is in this plane where our mental body performs a cleansing of all that is not necessary maintain for the next life and it is where it begins to plan the entry back into the physical plane.

Going down again

Once we have seen the different options it exist, we have chosen place, timeline, date of entry, main lessons to experiment, mission to fulfill, etc., that soul, coated only with a fine wrapper that is the causal body, begins its descent to the physical world again. Just in a “second” passes through the mental and astral plane, where the new layer is formed again that will become the new mental and emotional body that we are going to have, using as a seed for this to germinate the energetic remnant that we brought from the previous life (hence I and call it a seed atom).Now, at this moment, the new being already has a mental body with information about its purpose and an emotional body newly created with the remnants of previous lives that were not discarded. The next step then is to create the etheric body with the matter of the etheric plane lowering one level towards the physical plane, so the soul is coated with a new etheric body which possesses certain reminiscences of the bodies used in previous Incarnations. This etheric body will mark how the new physical body will look like, just to the minimum of details, so that if it is planned with some “defect”, it is here in this etheric body where the defect is redesigned.

In addition, this etheric body is the one that is projected and inserted on the information baby in the mother’s uterus, on the new physical body to be born, which in turn brings the genetic configuration inherited from the parents. If a physical body has an inherited genetic defect but that being does not consider it appropriate to manifest it, the etheric body will not include it in the “mold” and that defect will not be manifested. If that physical body does not bring any “defect” but the soul needs some dysfunction for its learning, it will be included in the mold and that physical body to be born will manifest it.

So at that moment when the new human being is born, he has a physical body created by the genetic configuration of the parents, an etheric body resulting from the decisions of the Higher Self and the soul for the new incarnation and with the remnant burden that has remained of the previous occupied physical bodies, a new emotional body that brings the energetic remnants of what has been experienced in the last lives and what is deemed necessary for it, and a mental body that brings with it instructions, evolutionary plans, lessons, mission, etc. that they will have to run for that being who is then coated, incarnated in a new baby and who begins a new adventure on the physical plane.