One of the greatest gifts of this life, as human beings, is free will. To do what we want when we want. Although, sometimes, doing what you want when you want, is not always easy. But nobody prevents us from trying it with all our strength.

When I began to notice synchronicities everywhere in my life in events that helped me to achieve my goals or get what I wanted, I also started to see that, however, the strength of synchronicity also works to prevent us from doing something, especially when it is harmful for us, although we do not know it.

Stories about monumental traffic jams that make you lose a plane flight, about transportation faults that prevent you from reaching a place you want to go, customs papers that are being asked from you without knowing why making you waste hours, people that block you in a thousand different ways blocking you to do something you had planned, calls that make you change plans at the last minute, etc. It seems that these types of synchronicities are still more spectacular, because those who have suffered them have realized that, in some cases, they have been able to save their lives.

They take care of us

It’s funny how the universe (as a generic term to designate forces superior to us in other levels of reality), which always seems to have us controlled, manages to obstruct our path when, due to our free will (and also to our unconsciousness), we act or go on paths where we’re not supposed to go. In a way, it is gratifying to know ourselves protected from extreme events that can have great consequences in our lives, usually negative, but it is also complicated to understand how, and why, we can find ourselves in these extreme situations that could be a danger to our life.

The answer is that our free will prevails over all things. Our decisions about what to do, where to go, how to act, etc., are sacred, for the universe, for life, for our destiny. Nothing can interfere, and nothing prevents us, even though knowing that a 20 years old plane’s engine fails every day, we took it up and tried to get to the other side of the Atlantic ignoring the obvious danger that common sense told us to avoid.

But in the case of day-to-day situations, trips that we plan, changes that we decide to take, etc., our common sense does not have to warn us that something can happen. Why are we always taking the main street and suddenly, that night, you want to take the darkest alleys from your neighborhood to shorten the route? And what is it that makes a friend suddenly come across you and offer to drive you home?

The “universe” watches over us, basically because we have many things to contribute, many things to accomplish, and many things to do in our life, and obviously we have to do them, as much as possible. Why “the universe” would let us ride a plane that presumably will have an accident if our path is not in that place? It’s hard to accept that sometimes we have to suffer accidents or misfortunes so that our life takes a radical turn, or to realize some things, but why is it necessary for the people who are traveling on that plane, but not for you?

Fighting against the odds

I have heard cases of people who have fought against all odds to get something, and each time, the obstacle that appeared before them was more and more complicated, no matter how hard they tried in overcoming it. They could (using power, resources and everything) solve the problem, but suddenly, another big obstacle appeared.

It is wise to recognize these type of situations, it is reasonable not to fight against them. It is said that when life puts you small obstacles, are lessons to overcome, to make us stronger, so that we learn something, so that we evolve. At the beginning this people fought against these obstacles, because if everything were a path of roses, we would never learn to make efforts, and never develop talents, skills and tools to get along in life. But, when obstacles become mountains, you have to realize that it is not an indication for us to try harder, but for us to turn around. The big obstacles indicate a wrong path. We are totally lost, in another part of the labyrinth of life that takes us so far from our path, so the universe has no choice but to block our exits, make us go backwards, and try to redirect our steps.

In this case our free will is still there, intact, we can keep fighting against the elements, take alternative routes, jump or excavate passages to pass under the mountain, but somehow, our life will be hard, full of complications, with a thousand storms and with no help for it. If this is how you feel in your life right now, consider it, maybe you’ve taken so many decisions in the direction that was not the most appropriate, and you’re off track, in the middle of a forest in which every time there are more trees that only invite you to turn back on your steps and re-do your way, because between them there is not a hole to pass. The universe does not force you to turn around, but if you really go wrong, “the universe” will put all the signs in the form of obstacles until you straighten your direction.